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During this time, you can get a worrying feeling and you are not alone. Emotions such as fear, worry, and fear may prevail among other feelings, but it is important to stay positive. While it is uncertain when things will return to normal, it is important to remember that things will return to normal at some point and things will continue as usual. So the question is, how can you, as a real estate agent, get in touch with your customers, stay productive and organized, and also stay positive? Especially if you have a fast-paced career and are often on the go. We’ve put together a list that shows you how to stay positive and productive during the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Hopefully this motivates you and is ready to take full control of you and your real estate business.

1. Develop a routine or proceed as usual

Treat this time as if you were starting your normal everyday life. That means you wake up at the same time in the morning, have breakfast at the same time as usual, and open your laptop to check your email or CRM. However, this has a major limitation. Avoid going to the gym, your favorite brunch, or crowded areas. This may not be difficult to do, as most companies are not open or offer take-out and delivery services.

2. Get dressed and get ready to meet customers

Many of you who already work from home know that you can get used to the idea of ​​running your real estate business in your pajamas. The idea sounds good, but you don’t want to feel too comfortable. Get ready to meet a potential customer. For men, this does not mean putting on a suit and tie, but only putting on presentable clothing. Women don’t have to resort to makeup (unless you want to do it). Even a little mascara and lipstick will make you feel refreshed and productive.

3. Avoid Netflix or other streaming services as much as possible

It’s so tempting to let Netflix play in the background while you work, especially when you watch consecutive episodes of your favorite show. But don’t forget you have to take care of the business. While you can take a break at lunchtime and watch an episode, try to avoid background noise. If it’s just too quiet or, on the contrary, if you have a full house, put on your headphones and listen to calm instrumental or other music that will help you work more productively.

4. Take the time to organize yourself

We don’t know when things will go back to normal, but in the meantime, take the time to organize yourself while staying at home as much as possible.

This applies to the organization of your house, e.g. B. for the annoying overflowing drawer in your bedroom and even for your contact database. If your desktop is covered with sticky notes strewn all over the place, it’s time to organize your database a little better. If you have no idea where to start, you can try a real estate CRM. This will instantly synchronize your contacts with your database and save them all in one place. Gone are the days when you relied on sticky notes and notepads to write down contact information. Your real estate business will now be clean and organized and will no longer overwhelm you.

5. Think outside the box

During these troubling times, you must not have personal meetings with customers and prospects. In times like these, you have to work with what’s already in front of you. How do you connect with your leads and previous customers? Here is a marketing automation tool. A marketing automation tool streamlines the process of connecting to your contacts so you don’t have to worry about the prospect of reaching your contacts. In this case, a reliable real estate CRM has customizable, ready-to-use automated maintenance campaigns, e-cards and greetings as well as automated social media content that your followers can connect to. Your real estate CRM also reminds you of key key information for each of your prospects and past customers and keeps a record of all your correspondence so you don’t have to worry about notes on the notepad that you may lose later.

The central theses

You can either take the time to oversleep, check your emails casually from time to time and worry about what’s going on, or you can use this time to plan, work productively, and most importantly, up taking care of yourself. This is not a time to go back to old habits, but a time to reflect and build yourself. You can really develop some great habits, and the good thing is, when these are all over, these habits become part of your lifestyle. Developing a routine, preparing for the day, avoiding shows, organizing, and thinking outside the box are just a few ways you can become the best real estate agent you can be. And if you look back on that time, you can always be satisfied, because this time you have developed into a top real estate agent.

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