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In times of unprecedented circumstances, there is really no game book or wand. It is therefore important to focus on concrete, actionable steps that you can control and address every day. As we navigate through these new waters of “social distancing” and take a break from our typical daily tasks, you will find the possibilities in your digital sphere. Here are some ways you can stay productive by simply using your database.

1. Double (or triple) your prospecting time

While it is important not to make extensive claims, we do know one thing with certainty. More leads are needed today to reach your goals than yesterday. This means that your prospecting time must be extended. Visiting has always been one of the most important weekly tasks for agents. In fact, a few years ago, Tom Ferry conducted a study that found that agents who prospect five or more hours a week earn over $ 200,000 a year. While agents who did not prospect for at least 5 hours a year earned less.

It is important that there are still opportunities. There are still leads, there are still buyers and sellers … there are only fewer.

Take the time to review your lead generation efforts. It’s a good time to double your online lead generation and change your marketing strategies that won’t be feasible in the coming months. For example; Pivot your open house plans to include virtual tours. Instead of hosting an event, you should host a live webinar for your community.

Notice! Most online leads are 6-9 months away from a transaction. This is your chance to make the best first impression.

2. Find the “gem” options that already exist in your database

Keep in mind that buyer demand was at an all-time high before this health crisis. Interest rates are lower than ever. There are people in your community who searched before the crisis and who will look around during and after the crisis. In fact, there may be a wave of people who did not want to move or buy seriously before this situation and have since realized that their home is too small, that they want more space for a home office, or are considering expanding their families.

These are the “gem” options you should look out for. In this time of social distancing, people spend a lot more time online. It is therefore important to always keep an overview of your CRM and not only to monitor who is registering on your website, but also who is visiting the property again.

Take this opportunity and say: “How are you and how can I help you?”

3. Reconnect with your sphere and lead your community

What is the only thing everyone is looking for? Guide. More than ever, people want to be reassured and trustworthy information. Here you have the opportunity to reconnect with previous, current and potential customers to check in and offer help. Make a list of the ways you can use it, whether you just connect it to another useful resource.

Understand this while you may hear “It’s too hectic time!” From all angles, it is also important to be human and an official. Think carefully about your wording and make sure it doesn’t sound too opportunistic. Run with education and service and business will follow.

With active leads, focus on how they engage. Look at patterns in your search. Set up an eAlert in your CRM and make sure that it is tailored to the houses that you click into regularly and that you see several times. For leads that are not active or have no warning at all, now is the time to set up an eAlert. eAlerts are also a great way to give a softer touch now. Provide helpful information without being invasive.

Remember: Many people are stuck in front of their computers at home and inevitably spend more time looking at their next dream home or just one with more home office space.

4. Find out your numbers

It is more important than ever to be a data-driven company. There are many numbers that you can retrieve from your database to determine your new game plan for 2020. For example, determine the average number of leads you need to generate to get a conversation going. Or the average number of conversations you need to have before continuing to a show, getting a degree, etc.

If you haven’t followed this yet, now is the perfect time to start.

Follow-up & response time: Generating leads is not enough. It is the follow-up and constant communication that comes next that are really important. Wondering what your follow-up is? Track and measure your leadership speed and response rates. If you use a CRM that tracks these things for you and plans tasks, be careful with your system. Use accountability tools and dashboards that show you concrete numbers that reflect your follow-up habits.

Lead Conversion & Close Rates: These numbers are important to keep track of as they are directly linked to your transaction volume. By knowing exactly how many leads you are turning into opportunities and how many deals you are closing, you can (A) determine exactly where you need to improve and (B) estimate how many leads you will need to achieve Your sales goals.

If your CRM has a dashboard to measure your own performance (and the performance of your agents if you are a broker / team leader), now is the time to improve these numbers and determine where there is room for improvement.

Why the top agents use success metrics

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