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WELCOME to March 2020 “”You are the star“Blog Hop!

BeehivesThis nationwide quarantine really doesn’t affect us too much. The hardware store remains open, as does our timber yard. Orders and inquiries have slowed down a bit now, but we’re not worried. Things will be up to date again before we know.

With that in mind, you can also build one of our beehives if you’re not based in Northwood, NH. So far we have published a DIY eBook on Langstroth builds and one on Warres. Both are simple top constructions, so you have the extra money to buy your first bee packs. If you want to know more or just want to support our efforts, you can buy both books on Amazon.

From our homestead to yours



Welcome to AT HOME March 2020 Feature Week “”You are the STAR“Blog Hop!
Meet your hosts of the HOME week

This is a month-long linky party with YOU!

Every week there are 4 different functions and 4 different function categories. To be very clear – this is NOT a themed party – you can link ANY family-friendly blog post every day of every month.
The “theme” occurs in our weekly features:
WEEK No. 4 AT HOME – recipes, home decor, antiques / DIY and / or travel (this can include everything about your home – even history articles – while staying family-friendly)

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(All features were selected from the February 2020 blog hop “You’re the Star”.)

Small celery table from The Apple Street Cottage

Mixed media mirror makeover by Unique Creations by Anita
Mixed media mirror

Favorite thrift finds from 2019 by My Hubbard Home

How to create a meal plan from the farm woman
How to create a simple menu

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