What is an ATIP application and how can you benefit if you search for your immigration documents? Canada Immigration

What is an ATIP application and how can you benefit if you search for your immigration documents?

  • ATIP stands for Access to information and data protection – It is an online request to receive copies of your immigration application.
  • In certain situations, we may want to receive copies of all or part of the immigration file to learn what has been said and done, what the status of a client is, but most of all to ensure that all new applications match what was previously submitted and if not, to provide a reasonable explanation – this can avoid misrepresentation that may result in Canada being refused entry;
  • This may include previously submitted applications and decisions;
  • We can ask for the official’s decisions, correspondence, forms, documents and notes to be received.
  • Depending on your application to the Canadian Immigration Service, we may request documents Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA);
  • As a rule, it is assumed that requests are processed within 30 days. In some cases, however, processing may take longer depending on the order backlog.
  • If the processing times exceed the expected values, follow-up measures can be submitted.
  • An ATIP application must be filled in with the correct information and the uploaded consent form must also be adequately prepared. Simple mistakes result in the application not being processed, which leads to further delays.
  • As soon as the copy of the application has been received, we will continue to review and evaluate the documentation. Depending on the immigration history and the applications submitted, the copy can range from a few pages to hundreds of pages.
  • If you are making an immigration application and are not sure whether an application is currently pending, whether it has been previously rejected, and what documents and information have been submitted, an ATIP request may be recommended.
  • If you have gone through the enforcement process with CBSA and have not shown up for an interview, an arrest warrant may exist for your arrest by CBSA and the RCMP. An ATIP request would allow us to determine this and advise you accordingly.


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