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The best and worst gloss products, rated

I don’t think I’ve ever been more loyal to a particular brand. Not only because I am a representative – but because I have been a fan of Glossier with the Phase 1 set (the OG set) since its introduction.You know, the facial mist, the foundation moisturizer and the balm dotcom).

To celebrate one Brand i loveI collected all of the skin care and makeup products in my arsenal and went to work on evaluating each one. Packaging was considered with a number of other factors; Effectiveness, frequency of use and first impressions were all fair game. I divided them into categories: skin care, makeup, and body / fragrance because you can’t compare Boy Brow to masks (and let’s face it, Boy Brow is so much better).

This is my official leaderboard, from the least to the most popular:

Skin care

The best and worst glossy products rated

16. Soothing facial mist: This was in the original Phase 1 set when Glossier debuted for the first time. I think I tried it once and from then on it was on a shelf. It didn’t do anything for me.

15. Mega Greens Galaxy Pack: I really wanted to love that, but I couldn’t even hold it for 10 minutes without making my skin feel uncomfortably warm.

14. Moisturizing moon mask: I have tested a variety of moisturizing masks and it is nice, but does not make me think, I can not live without them.

13. Super Glow: To be honest, I didn’t give him the real trial period he deserves. From now on, however, this is not a memorable part of my skin care.

12. Super pure: It is useful when I have an annoying little pimple, but I notice that if I use it too often, my skin dries out.

11. Super bounce: My favorite super. Keeps my skin hydrated. I am so glad that they rephrased this and packed it in a bigger bottle.

10. Zit stick: My breakouts are typically hormonal, but in the few cases I’ve used them I’ve noticed how much faster my pimple disappears.

9. Solution: I like to use chemical peeling once or twice a week and this is my point of contact. When I stop using it, I notice that my skin dries out.

8. Invisible shield: For someone who hates wearing sunscreen, this is a nice, light alternative. When I wear Skin Tint, I will apply this first, but most of my other tinted moisturizers already contain SPF.

7. Milk oil: Compared to Milky Jelly, this is a much more effective makeup remover. However, it is very easy for me to search this tiny bottle when I use it every day. And for $ 12, it’s a little overpriced in my opinion.

6. Priming moisturizer rich: I use this at night after using Super Bounce. Together, my skin always feels soft and hydrated.

5. Milky Jelly Cleanser: This has become my daily saint for the Holy Grail. It is one of my most used glossy products and is usually replenished every 3 or 4 months.

4. Bubblewrap Eye + Lip Plumping Cream: I love that this also serves as a lip cream. I put it on this morning and evening and it is by far one of the lightest eye creams I’ve ever used.

3.Priming moisturizer: A smooth base before applying makeup is a must. I love the texture and weight of this buildable cream. Coupled with the skin color, my face looks moist and feels smooth all day.

2. FutureDew: I have included this in my daily skin care routine and cannot get enough! It’s important for my nocturnal skin routine – I apply it after my moisturizer and wake up to smooth, hydrated skin every morning. Definitely a game changer for my skin structure because it has improved so much.

1.Balm Dotcom: A ranking within a ranking: Rose is my favorite scent in autumn / winter and Coconut and Mango is my favorite in the warmer months. Birthday is a dotcom balm for all seasons. And of course you can’t go wrong with the original (without fragrance).


17. Glitter jelly: This falls on the bottom of my list, simply based on my lifestyle. I just have no reason to wear glitter (but I’m not a big fan of wearing it anyway).

16. Brow Flick: Given that Boy Brow is one of my favorite products, I had high hopes for it. I can’t fill my brows well, so it’s down in my favorites list.

15. Wowder: Never dry, never cake-like. And it fits my skin tone. I don’t use this as often as I used to, but it is useful when I set up my concealer.

14.Vinyl lip: I love the colors of pony and blow-up. Both are great everyday makeup lip colors. It’s not sticky and I love that I can add a splash of color or build it up for a bolder look.

13th generation G lipstick: Theoretically, lips colored with “popsicles” sound good, but are usually not a fan of a mere matte formula. Still, I like a few shades: “Like” (cool pink) is a favorite, and “zip” is great if you want a toned down red.

12. Skywash: An eye shadow from liquid to powder, which is marketed as a pure, matt lid tint, should be easy to apply and beautiful on the lids. I like the look and purpose of this product, but some colors are more stained than others. Applying can also be difficult, but I think a fluffy mixing brush helps.

11. Lash slick: This is the best lengthening mascara I’ve used in a long time, but I also like volume. While I often use them to lengthen and separate eyelashes, I usually drink them with another drugstore tube. Together they are perfection.

10. Niteshine: I really like Haloscope, so I was a little confused when they released another version of Highlighter. That said, I think I just love this a little less than Haloscope. This is more noticeable and very easy to mix with your fingers or a BeautyBlender. I own the Pale Pearl shadow.

9. Lidstar: I didn’t have high hopes for this liquid eyeshadow, but I’ve worn it a lot and get so many compliments (which is shocking because it’s almost too easy to use). I’m really terrible at making up eyes, so this is a simple shortcut. The shades are intended for a pure, radiant color wash. These also mix well. I like to mix Cub + Herb for a nice bronze look.

8. Lip gloss: Always kept in my handbag. I like to put it on the middle of my lips for a glassy finish.

7. Perfect skin color: On days when I don’t want to wear foundation or tinted moisturizer, that’s my job. It balances my skin tone for a smooth, moist finish. I love to use this, especially in the warmer months.

6. Haloscope: I’m a highlighter junkie (see proof here) and I’m nearing the end of this tube. Mind you, I rarely have makeup empties because I incorporate so many products into my routine, but this is a premiere for highlighters. Moonstone is my absolute favorite shade that gives me an opalescent sheen, but I also love using Topaz as a bronzer for a sun-kissed look in summer.

5. Stretch concealer: I use this almost every day and in terms of cover it has a sheer and damp finish. I like to use it for a convenient and low maintenance application. But I would not recommend it if you are looking for something with more coverage.

4. Per tip: I fell in love with wearing liquid eyeliner thanks to this product. The formula slides smoothly, dries quickly and you may not be able to screw it up.

3. Colorslide: I love the color palette in this collection. As long as you tip the pen before each use (it only works well with the counterpart, the blade), the liner slides smoothly and lasts all day. Stable Relationship (a moss green) and Pretty Penny (a copper) are my favorite colors.

2. Cloud color: These mix so well. I have all six colors and regularly use three of them. Puff is my daily favorite and I use Dusk to contour my face. Beam is ideal for a soft peach glow. There are numerous ways to customize your color by mixing two or three of them.

1. Boy Brow: Filling my brows has never been my forte. I had half of my life bangs and as I grew them out I had to give my brows a little more TLC. Boy Brow is great in my opinion because I can fill, tone and care for my brows in no time. I never go outside without a blow or two from Boy Brow.

Fragrance & body

4. Shine perfume firmly: Before buying, I was traveling with tiny perfume samples that I would add to my Sephora shopping cart. The solid is heavy, but reliable on the go, and that alone makes this product worth a higher ranking.

3. Glossier You perfume: This has become my favorite work and weekend fragrance. It is light and airy and it smells of me.

2. Body HeroDaily Oil Wash: I love this body wash. It smells so good and my arms and legs feel super smooth when I step out of the shower. This just kicked my little drugstore coconut body wash goodbye. The only downside is that it is oil based and I avoid it in the summer when using Faux Tanner.

1. Body Hero Perfecting Cream: The scent smells amazing. How addicted. That said, it’s probably the most expensive bath and body care I’ve ever eaten, but I use every last drop.

You can buy all of these products through mine Link here. If you are a customer for the first time, you will receive a 10% discount on your first purchase via my link and receive free shipping from an order value of USD 30. If you have any questions about the products I mentioned, you know where to find me!

I would like to know how my ranking matches yours. Are you a glossy fan?

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