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I couldn’t think of a better time to remind us of the possible connection between Resource constraints and innovation. The challenges facing organizations (in multiple sectors) during this crisis are threatening. However, the environment still requires the development of critical solutions that can affect the delivery of important goods / services. Interestingly, the scarcity of resources can drive innovation.

We have to see what we do differently when the game changes.

The paradox: innovation can already be out there, but we are not aware of it. Solutions may already exist that are practiced by those at the forefront – those who are closest to work. However, the broader organization is not aware of these measures.

This is an important time to gather ideas and “hacks” that have already been applied (and are working). This should be an urgent priority.

Some thoughts:

  • Your employees = specialist knowledge. This mindset is fundamental. Those who do the job are well aware of the existing challenges. In addition, employees solve problems independently and may have a “Jugaad“, A simple or economical evasion or a hack. Others may have already improvised solutions to a more complicated problem than a temporary solution – one that could be improved and more widely disseminated.
  • Do not overlook less established employees. The newer ones in your company bring a different perspective on how things are done. Promote a level of psychological security that encourages everyone to contribute. Reach them. Stay open. Ask her, “What do you see so I don’t see it?”
  • Look at the neighboring entrance. Those who work with youcan also help you innovate. Ask the functions for help to get the job done. Think of the neighborhood as an immediate source of potential ideas.
  • Use your company’s intranet as a lifeline. Recast Your intranet – Your internal communication mechanism – as your innovation platform. If your previous “wargame” scenarios uncovered weaknesses in the delivery of important goods or services, gather ideas immediately – before the crisis fully takes effect.
  • Post challenges as they develop. Let your employees know about growing problems that require their attention. Make current challenges clear to the entire organization of possible ones. This will continue to develop.

I hope it helps. Leave your ideas below. You could help another organization serve others.

Dr. Marla Gottschalk is an industrial / organizational psychologist. She is a founding member of the LinkedIn Influencer Program. Her thoughts on working life have been published in various outlets, including the Harvard Business Review, Talent Zoo, Forbes, Quartz, and the Huffington Post.

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