Luke 1:69 and the deity of Jesus Christ Christianity

“Praise be to the Lord God of Israel, for he has visited us and accomplished redemption for his people and has set up a horn of redemption for us in the house of David, his servant.” (Luke 1: 68-69)

What did Zacharias mean when he called the baby a horn of redemption in Mary’s womb? To answer this question, we need to turn to the Old Testament to see how this pictorial expression was used.

In the Old Testament, horns often had connotations of strength and honor (Job 16:15; Psalm 75: 5-6; 148:14; Lamentations 2: 3). God is described in Psalm 18: 2 as the horn of redemption. Hence the psalmist calls him the mighty savior.

The title given to God in Psalm 18: 2 is applied to Jesus Christ by Zacharias. He indirectly calls Christ God. He is the mighty savior of the Jewish people. He wins over darkness and sin. He deserves honor.

The Horn of Redemption is connected to King David’s lineage. It could also inexplicably refer to a song of praise to God sung by the mother of the Prophet Samuel (“… will raise the horn of his anointed one”, 1 Samuel 2:10).

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