In the COVID 19 crisis, hope is greater than fear! Christianity

Hope is bigger than fear today, brothers and sisters! Hope and not fear. I don’t know anything about you, but I’ve felt fear lately. Just being locked up at home, not going to the gym, not going to foster homes or books and beans or going out to eat or doing my nails, well, maybe not the last. But it is suffocating to just sit at home wondering what will happen next.

I would like to share this passage with you today: “Be strong, do not be afraid; your god will come, he will come with vengeance; He will come with divine retribution to save you. ”

From Jeremiah 17: 7-8

7 Blessed is he who trusts in the LORD whose trust is in him.

8 They will be like a tree planted by the water and sending out its roots through the current. Don’t be afraid of the heat; The leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and always bears fruit. ”

Fear is not the right answer to this situation. Care and compassion are the right answer. Have no fear. But trust in God. Have trust in God. Decide that your god is with you. Complete that in your head.

And frankly, I don’t really feel scared, but I almost feel like I can feel the fear of the community around me. And I feel like it’s a climate of fear right now.

Many people around the world rely on their own skills and talents today. It’s about them, their ability to hold on, and their ability to control and manipulate events to their advantage. That is the way of the world. And that’s how many people live. I against everything else.

And if that is your outlook on life, you will be anxious and afraid because it is up to you not to get sick.

As believers, we do not approach life that way. It’s not up to me and how I can force events to go my way. Ultimately, my world is led by God.

Did God send the Covid 19 virus? I do not believe that. God allowed it. It does not jump in and prevents these things from happening. But he helps and leads and protects his community through these types of storms. And we can believe in the fight.

And maybe this time of quarantine and isolation is a time when God calls us back to himself. Perhaps he says America, Michigan, Owosso, you have relied on your own strength, wealth, and morale for too long. And are you looking at how useless your strength, wealth and morals are in the face of something as simple as a virus like covid-19? See how all your power is useless against it. ”

We have lived in Michigan for so long in the United States, relying not on God but on money, psychology, medicine and modern technology. But life is much more than these things. Neither of these things is bad. But when we rely on these things about God, we have taken a path that is nowhere good. And many believe that these things will get them through the storms of life. But they won’t.

Only God is enough to get us through these dark times. And in quarantine and isolation, I think we are all beginning to see that. No amount of scrolling through social media or video games, or hectic reading news articles or television, satisfies us. We just sit there quietly, while the emptiness prevails in our souls. And we feel the senselessness of these things and the fear that these things cannot really save us or help us.

So now we have to use this time to turn to God again. Take the Bible and read it for a while. Go to the ground and call Jesus Christ for help during this fight. Visit Youtube or the sermon index and listen to some sermon news. Go to or the You version app and read or listen to an audio Bible. Watch some Christian films on Netflix or Hulu. Take some time to explore faith in Christ.

Because we all need a savior. Believe me, this corona virus is not the worst thing that can happen in this world. In fact, in the end times, in the future, much worse things will happen at some point. And when these times come, we will want to make sure that our sins are washed away by the blood of Jesus.

So now I want to tell you something about it. Let me just ask you a few questions:

1. Have you ever put anything before God in your life? This is what the Bible calls a sin. And on the day of judgment, God will hold you accountable for this standard.

2. Have you ever used God’s name as a dirty word? Or did you scream when you were angry? That is also a sin.

3. Have you ever failed to treat your parents with respect and love?

4. Have you ever committed adultery?

5. Have you ever hated someone who is murder in the heart?

6. Have you ever stolen anything?

7. Have you ever been jealous of someone who had something you didn’t have?

These are God’s eternal laws. And if you break one of them, you will be convicted. That is, if you died today you would be brought before God, He would judge you as sinned against heaven and your fellow man and you would be sent to a place of darkness, fire and sadness forever!

I know this is amazing and scary news. Perhaps we have not even noticed that we are responsible for these laws. But now that you know it and have seen your guilt, I want to tell you what God did to fix this situation.

God came as Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ is the Lord, so God came 2000 years ago and he lived a perfect life. And then he let bad people send him to the cross. And on the cross he was perfect, but he took your sin and paid the penalty for you. So if you believe in Jesus Christ and follow Him all your life, you will be reborn and a whole new person.

You essentially become the person you should always be. That happened to me.

As soon as we recognize and believe in Jesus, our sins are paid for by what Jesus did on the cross. This is God’s order for you to deal with your sins. They are removed and placed on the cross on Jesus. And Jesus said yes to this agreement. Jesus died once and for all for sin, and then he reclaimed his life.

Jesus is alive. So I speak to him and pray to him and how he continues to help and liberate me.

So if you choose to believe in Jesus, your sins will be washed away and you will be born again. Of course, you also have to repent, which means turning away from your old sins of the past and living differently. Sometimes that’s the hard part for people who don’t want to give up the sins they are doing.

But believe me, it’s worth it. And remember, on the Last Day we will all face God and be responsible for how we lived. Would you like to be judged by the ten commandments that day? Or have yourself addressed to Jesus Christ as your Savior.
That day I want to be able to say: Lord, I have sinned, but I have a Savior, Jesus Christ, who came into the courtroom and said: I will take the punishment for these sins instead of Justin! And on that day God will say very well, that is the agreement I made, so come to paradise, to the news sky and to the new earth, a perfect earth, in a new city called “The New Jerusalem” or ” the New “City of God.” That is our fate. That is the meaning of life. Enter the gates of the new Jerusalem. Where there will be no more illness, no more Covid virus, no social isolation, no sin or temptation You are destined to go there and live there forever and never die, but if you reject God and reject Jesus there is another place of darkness, suffering and pain to which you will be sent So choose life today, choose Jesus so that you and your family can live. Live forever.

Blessings during this corona virus blocking. Please pray and pray and fast and pray and read the word and stand firm and do not worry! Amen!

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