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Ten years have passed since President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Since then, the ACA has helped over 20 million Americans enroll in health insurance.

This year, nearly five million people in New York used the NY State of Health to sign up for health insurance. Before the ACA, there was no central place to buy health insurance. Nearly 800,000 people signed up for the Essential Plan this year, which didn’t exist before the ACA. Over three million are enrolled in Medicaid, which has been expanded by the ACA. Around 273,000 people bought qualified health insurance, of which 58 percent received tax credits in advance through the ACA. Nobody who signed up for this health insurance had to answer questions about their previous health conditions – because under the ACA, anyone can take out insurance, regardless of the existing conditions.

The ACA also means higher coverage quality. Under the current federal administration, some states have decided to relax their health insurance standards. However, in New York, paying a premium still means getting a plan that covers a wide range of benefits, including prescription drugs, maternity and newborn care, and checkups and visits. Insurers are no longer allowed to set lifelong or annual coverage limits, a common practice before the ACA that stopped coverage when people needed it most.

There is a lot to improve at the ACA. For example, HCFANY supports higher income limits for government-funded premium subsidies and additional premium subsidies. Deductibles are too high for many New Yorkers. Network standards are not high enough. But after ten years, evidence of the benefits of the law has been received: the ACA has narrowed the differences in race healthshortcut), the municipal hospitals fought openly (shortcut) and made America healthier (shortcut). We are very grateful to everyone who fought for the implementation of the ACA – and we are committed to protecting and expanding what they have won.

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