Fastest 30% sale in history : INVESTMENT

Just stunning statistics from technician Stephen Suttmeier of Bank of America Merrill Lynch …

The 2020 correction continues to make history after the title was claimed to be the third fastest end of a 1928 bull market. In just over four weeks from the high of February 19, 22 trading days, the S&P 500 (SPX) sold 30% daily, representing the fastest decline of 30% in history. To put this in a historical context, the corrections from the Great Depression of 1934, 1931 and 1929 were the second, third and fourth fastest withdrawals. This is not a good company for 2020.

Here is a table:

It’s also the quick switch from record highs to a bear market that has ever been recorded:

With the exception of the drawdowns in the Great Depression and World War II, only the 1987 retreat comes close in terms of speed, and even then, February-March 200 was almost 42% faster.

Josh here – I told my employees this morning that every single potential customer will ask us for the next 1,3,5 and even 10 years: “How did you do in 2020?” It will be the most important point of reference for risk aversion on everyone’s lips for a long time. I know that because we have the question from 2008 well into the middle of the next decade.


Fastest drop of 30% on the S&P 500 ever
Bank of America Merrill Lynch – March 23, 2020

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