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Here are some creative and entertaining links to learning activities from my blog that your kids can enjoy at home as we move into unprecedented changes in our lives with self-isolation and locking due to the global outbreak of Covid-19.

May I make some practical suggestions for these activities at home?

  • Look for items that your kids would like.
  • Schedule 1 activity per day.
  • Keep things informal. Don’t try to go to school at home!
  • Take your time.
  • Do not rummage in a list.
  • If something brings joy and pleasure, stay there and look for similar activities instead of proceeding to the next item on your list.
  • To repeat. Young children in particular love to repeat an entertaining activity. Don’t be afraid to print things out and do it again if your child loved them.
  • Photograph and film them during their activities.
  • Display your finished work on a door or shelf gallery every week.
  • Share your activities with grandparents and social groups to stay connected.

So let’s go ~

  1. Paper dolls and paper men from different historical epochs for coloring and cutting. Use them as puppets for narratives.
  2. stories does the child tell what he heard reading? Narratives are the cornerstone of training with Charlotte Mason. Children need to look closely while listening to the story so they can make it their own and express what you remember and what you understand how they tell. I have collected over 100 narrative ideas for every learning style. In this e-book you will find lists of recommended activities for audio, visual, kinesthetic and creative learners as well as templates and printouts. You can see examples of the templates and ideas in the original post.
  3. Letterboxing – a great “treasure hunt” Geography Game to practice in your home and garden. Letterboxing is a fascinating mix of treasure hunt, art, navigation and exploration skills.
  4. Current affairs is the study of social, political and important events in today’s world. Use that Current affairs Download with calendar pages, maps, flags and symbols to record events around the world during the coronavirus crisis.
  5. Natural history and enjoy nature with fun nature activities in three Smash Nature Journals. Go to my package page to order your smash books. If you order all 3, you get the third book for free!
  6. 3D models like that Small house in the forest.
  7. Art appreciation activities of famous works of art and famous artists ~
  8. Creative projects ~
  9. Bible activities ~
  10. Sight words are commonly used words that your child should easily recognize when reading. In my Sight Words Ebook you will find all word lists, words in sentences, games and activity templates.Spelling templates-ideas.png (390 × 401)
  11. Handwriting Practice with laminated charts and games. I have created a 20-page e-book that contains many practical tips. It contains helpful activities and fun prep games to strengthen your child’s gross motor power, develop fine motor skills and develop spatial awareness, correct posture and pencil grip for maximum control and minimal stress when learning to write. Handwriting tips booklet $ 5.00 / ZAR5.00
  12. Participation campaigns ~ Here is a list of some of the many practical activities and posts on my blog ~

I hope that these posts and links and downloads inspire you in your homeschooling!

I wish you all health, happiness and valuable family time.

Blessings, Nadene

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