Are you fighting or learning from blogging critics? Blogging Tips


Seeing blogging critics can feel stressful at times. Free other times. It all depends on how you frame these people. But of course you know exactly who I am talking about. These people who give 1 star ratings rate your path courtesy of your eBooks. Negative commentators. Hater. Trolls. They call it. We saw it. Critics actually teach you invaluable blogging lessons. But you have to watch how you react to these people to learn the successful lessons.

Fighting means fear

Fighting critics means that you fear their negative feedback because you believe some or all of your statements are true. If you believe that your criticism is 100% NOT true, there will be no emotional reaction and you will not fight these people. For example, imagine someone criticized me and said I look like a girl to puncture the barb (whatever that means?). Anyway, I’m looking at myself. Really, I all look male. Heavy, square lantern jaw, muscular shoulders, pectoral muscles, muscular legs. Even though I’m thin, I look like a guy. If I knew this truth, I would never be upset about someone telling me I look female – although some say I have a pretty boyish face, hehehe – and I have no urge to fight these people.

But when you fight critics, stick to the anxiety lesson these people teach you. Part of your negative feedback feels true to you. Many thanks to these people. Feel the fear. Let go of the fear, you think it seems to be true. Stop fighting blogging critics. Send them flowers. These seeming trolls indicated fear and negative beliefs that you face, that you need to feel and let go of to reach your next level of blogging growth.

Hell yes! Feeling fear and embracing restrictive beliefs feels awful. But more fun, love, success and peace await you in your blogging career.

Don’t fight flight

Some bloggers immediately ignore critics without fighting these trolls. Beware. I advise ignoring and going ahead, but you’d better stick to the fears and restrictive beliefs triggered by critics, as deleting these emotions can enter a new phase of blog growth and success. Imagine someone posting a 1-star review in response to one of your eBooks. If you fly away and ignore the critic, you may lose the opportunity to see if you really believe the eBook is crap.

Stay 30 seconds. Read particularly nasty points in the review slowly and watch your emotions closely. Do you feel calm, relaxed and not a bit moved? Go on. Go on. You are becoming more and more successful. But if you are angry, embarrassed, ashamed or like the eBook IS crap / terrible, feel these emotions, then go on. No way to grow like a stinking weed burdened by these heavy, leaden, fearful, anchoring emotions.

Stick to truth serum. But never feed the animals. I feel sorry for critical critics because I know that fear-pain fuels their criticism. But in the next breath I also know that I am not fighting against them, but that I am present with my emotions every time I scan for criticism in order to free myself from the restriction of blogging beliefs and to hold myself back.

Stay here. Observe. Release. When you let go of fear when you limit your beliefs, you can experience unprecedented growth in blogging and evolve.


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