2020 April PAD Challenge Countdown: T-minus 9 Writing

Poem along with the first April PAD Challenge Countdown, in which Robert Lee Brewer shares a call and poem (to get things going) in the 10 days leading up to the April Poem-A-Day Challenge 2020. Write an escape poem for today’s call.

Okay, I hope everyone had the opportunity to get their poem yesterday. And if you’re just getting started today, don’t worry. There’s a lot of time to catch up!

Write an escape poem for today’s call. There are physical escapes from places like prison, work and school. But people can also find mental and emotional escapes in music, movement and books. Indeed, writing has often been an escape for me, even when faced with harsh realities. Let’s run away today!

Notice: These prompts are just springboards. You have the freedom to jump in any direction you want.

Recreate your poetry!

Revision doesn’t have to be a chore – something that should after the excitement of writing the first draft. It is rather an extension of the creation process!

In the 48-minute tutorial video Recreating Poetry: How to Revise PoemsPoets are inspired in various ways to recreate their poems using seven revision filters that they can turn to over and over again.

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Here is my attempt at an escape poem:


My favorite gift as a kid was a smurf radio.
I would be in my bedroom and listen to it
fall asleep during the day and listen at night.

I often dreamed of escape dreams –
run over roofs and swim over seas,
hide from hands that wanted more and more from me

the monster’s tongue that always kissed me
always ask what I thought of, always
I wanted to know if I loved it and what should I do then.

Music always gave me an alternative reality –
A place I hope to find someday if I would
escape the bars of my dark-hearted dream landscape.

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