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With everything that is going on, we’re the first to admit that house stuff feels trivial, but we’re keeping our podcast going in the hope that it’s a welcome escape for anyone who tunes in (it’s definitely a nice one Distraction for us). . This week we answer the most common question we have received in the past few days: How does the corona virus affect our move to Florida and our home sales (spoiler alert: a contract has failed). We’re also having a weirdly thorough discussion about high-tech toilets and bidets. We also share two things that help us make the most of being around the clock with children at home.

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What’s new

  • Note: As promised, at the end of this post we summarized ways you can help people during the pandemic

  • If you need the background story for some of the news that we’ve informed you about today, these links are helpful:

Can we only talk about bidets?

  • Here is the article from NPR’s Planet Money that opened the locks for this discussion Why America Loses the Toilet Race
  • Pictured above is a Toto Washlet that is available on websites such as Way Fair and Amazon at different prices and models (some over $ 1000! only for the seat!)
  • And below is the video on the Toto Washlet website that dances a lot around the topic.

  • The Tushy (and Tushy spa with temperature control) are considerably cheaper and do not require an outlet, but obviously have far fewer functions than some of the more expensive bidets.
  • Slow clapping for them too Tushy ottoman for spinning the term “ottoman” in one of the most creative ways we’ve ever seen (it is basically a competitor of the squatty potty. Speaking of this bamboo version the Squatty Potty doesn’t look bad.
  • We also mentioned our previous experience Cloth diapers our children (more on that Here), including Adding a spray attachment to our toilet. They don’t seem to sell the bumGenius branded version we use (at least I can’t find them anywhere online), but they do this seems similar.
  • Finally, I have to link to them Trip Johnuh Disposable urinal bag that Sherry ordered at this stage of the denial / trial about a week ago. Yowza.

We are digging

  • Here’s a look at the Lego Masters show we saw as a family on Hulu (regular at Fox, but I can buy it too) Youtube and Amazon).

  • We mentioned the “Cut In Half” challenge from an episode in which participants had to complete the other side of an object cut in half (like a bicycle or a cuckoo clock). But instead of literally completing it, you should put a creative twist or interpretation on it. This started out as half of a telescope (below) and the players used it to bring the idea of ​​childhood exploration and imagination to life. That cloud of smoke under the rocket.

Image source
  • Oh, and if you want to follow your family walks or walks, it’s free Map My Walk App that we used.

Ways to help during the pandemic

If you’re looking for something we unearthed in a previous episode but can’t remember which show notes to click on, click here a main list of everything we dug from all of our past episodes. You can also see all the books that we have recommended on our website Book club Page.

And finally a big thank you Rhothys for sponsoring this episode. Check out her shoes and new bags (also made from reused plastic water bottles!) Here you get free shipping and returns with every order!

Thanks for listening guys!

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