When life is turned upside down Health Education

I was going to write about research today, but after reading all the news about how much life has changed and how more needs to be changed, I decided it was time to address important issues that relatives of Health care professionals in pain therapy and in the area of ​​pain therapy face rehabilitation.

In New Zealand, the alert level is 2 out of 4. I suspect this has been initiated to mitigate the shock later in the week when we are asked to block completely. We are currently being asked to maintain physical distance, elderly people are asked to isolate themselves as much as possible, general practitioners and nurses are asked to proceed to virtual consultations, and we are all being asked to do everything we can from home to work.

What does not happen is the guidance of the Occupational Therapy Committee NZ or the Physiotherapy Committee NZ. Further: ACC has approved psychological and medical consultations via video links, but no occupational therapy, physiotherapy or the group program within the framework of the Community Pain Contracts.

I have watched my massage therapy colleagues in New Zealand close their shops because it is not possible to offer safe therapy in this environment. However, video conferences are quite feasible for occupational therapy and physiotherapy – I have been offering video services for several years. But apparently we’re not one of those who are allowed to offer video services? It does not seem to be in line and may show how little those who do politics actually understand anything about our work.

I intend to hold my next group session (tomorrow) as my last, the 4th of six weeks. The remaining two sessions are video-linked. I will work from home except on Wednesday morning when I go to work to pick up some things. The university is still arguing that we can work – but I work in offices in the hospital building. I have older parents. My partner is immune weakened. I don’t want to distribute mistakes from my travels to my partner, my parents or occasional hospital encounters.

In preparation for working from home, I return to strategies that I used during my doctoral thesis. That means maintaining my daily routine – until 8 a.m. and on the computer. Work continuously throughout the day and divide up the day Pomodoro technique (How many tomatoes can I smash?). I end the day at 4:30 p.m. I will make sure I have my 5 minute exercise snack along with glasses of water (and coffee!).

My office is set to focus so I don’t get interrupted by social media, email, or message notifications. I have good lighting, heating and a comfortable seat. This is my workplace. Fortunately, I can keep it separate from my place of relaxation! I have access to reference books and magazines and can hold video conferences from my seat. As always, it’s a mess, but that’s how I like my surroundings!

I suppose I say life will go on, albeit differently. And this adjustment means allowing me to work differently but maintaining some of the habits that keep me up to date and focus. Being disciplined gives me the freedom to work without distractions – oooh squirrel! And I can still stop and see what’s beautiful in my area.

Kia kaha (stay strong), arohanui (love) and remember:

Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi

People will live with your basket and my basket

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