The new traditional main bathroom is unveiled Home Renovation

A 2005 renovation of the main bathroom transforms from the building owner’s beige into a completely updated new traditional yet modern look for 2020 in porcelain with a marble look and the use of color in marble and accent tiles in soft blue and gray. Bright, light and airy, this master bathroom makes an outstanding renovation. I hope you like it!

This post is sponsored by Walker Zanger Tile.

The main bathroom is finally ready and ready to show off. This new traditional main bathroom turned from plain and boring to beautiful within 8 long weeks. It felt like it would take forever, but it wasn’t that long ago in home improvement projects. We are thrilled with the result and can’t wait to show it off. After spending a few months planning this main bathroom, I am very happy with the result. I only changed my mind about a couple of things that are evolving, and these turned out to be the best choice.

A big thank you to Walker Zanger for sponsoring this bathroom. I couldn’t have done it all without her and the beautiful tiles from Walker Zanger make our new bathroom shine. It is bright and beautiful and the tile is the star. Today I will share the complete bathroom with a breakdown of the costs and later also share individual contributions from some of my other sponsors who all deserve a detailed mention. They were all necessary to make this bathroom a reality, and without them we would not have been able to afford the full scope of our renovation work. The bathrooms are not cheap, but we are thrilled that we were able to finish this on a budget.

This new modern traditional home bathroom is a dream! For us, a dream has really come true and the chicest bathroom I have ever owned.

Let’s look at the before pictures again. I will also share it with the same after view for maximum impact. You will see in the previous shot that I have already tried colors in the room to narrow it down.

Before that simple and boring. Our house is 15 years old, so the surfaces reflect 2005 and very simple decisions. There was also a ceiling fan up there.

new traditional master bathroom renovation

And then! I will share every single detail of this bathroom so you can see it from all angles. We are in love with her! Note that we have also improved the door trim with chunkier moldings on all doors, so this was an additional overhead.

Wall color: Gray owl (Benjamin Moore)

Abstract painting: Lindsay’s letters

The Walker Zanger porcelain marble tile we selected was perfect. We love how durable it is, but it looks like marble. We opted for a herringbone pattern with minimal joint lines. They hit the tiles side by side.

Walker Zanger:

Grout color for all tiles: Warm gray (Mapei from Floor & Decor)

Before the shower. We really didn’t like our shower situation. It was very closed, we hated the wrong marble look and the shower tray didn’t drain properly. There was still water in the back corners of the shower, making it difficult to keep clean. We were able to gain a couple of inches in both directions, which made it feel even more spacious. It was a great idea to remove this little pony wall and add a bench.

We had a few moments of panic along the way. No renovation is perfect and since I decided to put a small bench in the shower at the last minute, we ran out of shower tiles and had to order a few more pieces. So the stress was there while we were going through it, but in the end everything worked out great. I would like to thank Lisa from the Walker Zanger Buckhead Store for helping me with this and preparing everything for pickup to ensure that we had a largely smooth installation. It was great to work with them and they gave me confidence in the decisions we made.

We had several problems along the way, including a problem with the worktop manufacture. In our original choice, a corner was broken during manufacture, so we had to choose a new one. The good news is that we made the original choice in our smaller guest bathroom, so it ended well. We’re not ready for this bathroom yet, but we already have a nice new countertop in front of us!

new traditional master bathroom renovation

The new shower is so beautiful! I can’t tell you how different it is. Even though it’s only a few inches bigger on both sides, it feels so much more spacious and huge. Showering is a pleasure now and not one I’m afraid of. The water runs off so nicely and the whole shower feels like a luxurious hotel, but it belongs to us in our house!

new traditional master bathroom renovation

The shower tiles are the same porcelain tiles as the floor tiles, only bigger in size 12 x 24. They were perfect for a spacious feeling and minimal joint lines in the shower. We love it!

new traditional master bathroom renovation

I used the same marble chevron tile for the shower alcove and love, love this tile. It really caught my eye and became a focal point for the bathroom. I never wavered on this beautiful marble!

Mark ordered these suction hooks from Amazon and they are perfect for hanging up our towels in the shower. We don’t have much space on the outside wall and the towels are out of the way and drying here.

These were perfect for our needs!

new traditional master bathroom renovation

Isn’t it beautiful? With a mix of shades of blue and gray, it’s one of the most beautiful marbles I’ve ever seen. I chose a linear drain. I will also share sources on all of this.

new traditional master bathroom renovation

I can’t share it enough, it’s so pretty! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this marble!

new traditional master bathroom renovation

The niche is also lined with a pretty Walker Zanger floor tile. The warm gray mortar tied everything together. Soap dish by Walmart, linked below.

new traditional master bathroom renovation

The niche is very large and spacious, so glad we chose this as our focus.

new traditional master bathroom renovation

View of the free-standing bath from the bench.

new traditional master bathroom renovation

The shower bench is so nice. Before I had no place to put my foot to shave my legs, this bench is the best! So much more convenient for this task. If we have to take a shower now, this bench is there for us. I’ve never had a bank but I love it!

Mark ordered these chrome parts from Amazon, including this squeegee, which we will use for the glass walls. I’ll add links below. It hangs out of sight on the bench, but is practical for use.

new traditional master bathroom renovation

Another look through the glass at the tub. It’s all too!

Here’s a look at the Schluter metal cladding I got for the edge of the shower tile. It is located inside on the edge of the shower and on the bench, as well as outside and above on the shower wall tiles. It blends in very well with the tile and I am satisfied with this color.

new traditional master bathroom renovation

Another side view of the newly tiled shower. Shower mat by Pottery Barn.

Vanity before

new traditional master bathroom renovation

Vanity after

Now let’s go to vanity! Wow with the changes in the vanity and the tile we chose for the vanity wall is absolutely great! It is also from Walker Zanger and makes such a statement on this wall. I painted the vanity and we changed the doors and the drawer to a shaker style that also makes a big statement. New door fittings from D. Lawless Hardware is also a wow factor.

The new drawers and doors are sponsored by Fast closet doors and I’m going to share a full post about them and the process. It’s a game changer for our bathroom!

Vanity Color: Acacia Haze (Sherwin Williams)

Bathroom door color: Oyster Bay (Sherwin Williams) stripes of the same color

new traditional master bathroom renovation

I was actually going to paint the sink marine, but after I had everything in the room, I started guessing that decision. I made sample boards in 3 colors and chose this one, Acacia Haze by Sherwin Williams. I had mixed the color in their emerald finish, which is very durable for closets. I primed it first, then painted it with a foam roller and a small brush, and I’m going to share an entire blog post about this project.

new traditional master bathroom renovation

Let’s take a closer look at this tile. It is one of the most beautiful tiles I’ve ever seen, with shades and crackles and a handmade finish. They are beautiful and I am in love with these tiles!

new traditional master bathroom renovation

These golden wall lamps with seed glass are also beautiful and I adore them. Of course I will also share all sources with you.


new traditional master bathroom renovation


This beautiful tile reaches to the ceiling and that was something we really wanted from the start and I’m so glad we chose it. I knew it would be a statement maker in the room and it is!

I originally tried a patterned rug, but there was just too much here, so I put it in the closet and got this simpler, but colorfully textured rug, which is also linked below.

These black framed mirrors come from Kirklands. The marble-look accessories and the tray on top of the vanity are all from Homegoods, so I can’t link them. The clear glasses we use on the counter are linked below.

I took a page from my friend Sarah Thrifty Decor Chick and we added that these consoles turned feet and they turned out to be great. Sarah has a tutorial that you can see at this link. It is such a simple project that gives our vanity so much impact.

Here’s a look inside the closets. The silver drawer on the right was already there and I added an old plank floor below so that my bottles wouldn’t fall over. I got the smaller excerpt on the left from Amazon and link it below. It is ideal for my hair dryer, iron, etc. and is screwed to the underside of the cabinet.

Vanity has become great, I think. The Sherwin Williams Emerald color was very easy to work with and so smoothed out. We are thrilled at how smooth they got with a foam roller and a small brush. I see a small drop on this top drawer, but everything looks great personally and the pictures show it more than it actually looks personal.

Drawer pulls are made of antique brass and I love them too.

These buttons are gold colored and I love the details of them all.

new traditional master bathroom renovation

As you can see, I made a mix of metals here, with black mirrors, brushed nickel taps, and brass lighting and hooks. I love a mixture and it feels good for me to arouse a lot of interest with a mixture of metals.

new traditional master bathroom renovation

Hooks are brand Delta ordered online. Turkish towels are linked from Amazon below.

new traditional master bathroom renovation

Another look at this beautiful tile! It is a soft gray-green and changes colors throughout the day.

One thing we did was to box up to the ceiling in the alcove on top of the vaulted ceiling. I don’t think I got a good chance in the room after that, but here it is going on. There was no need to keep it that way, so I had the contractor pack it up to the ceiling.

new traditional master bathroom renovation

It gave us the ability to run the tile up to the wall with a good stopping point with no niche in the way. I’m so glad we did that, there is a lot of continuity.

new traditional master bathroom renovation

Look in the toilet. We added board and lath as well as wallpaper and I painted the ceiling dark blue. You can see the chunky door molding here. Mark did a great job with the door moldings and the entire board and crossbar. His love for detail is evident in these projects.

IN FRONT: Simple and boring

new traditional master bathroom renovation

AFTER: Bright and beautiful

I will share all these details with you too.

We got a new toilet and ordered it online from Home Depot. It’s the Kohler memoir and we love the shape of it.

new traditional master bathroom renovation

The crown shape look around the tank is so pretty.

new traditional master bathroom renovation

A picture of the ceiling lamp together with the marine ceiling and the trim. Mark did a great job with this crown molding and it was one of the last things we did here.

new traditional master bathroom renovation

It completely wipes out the room. I love this spoonflower wallpaper, it’s a eucalyptus pattern.

new traditional master bathroom renovation

Love love it

IN FRONT: Built-in whirlpool

new traditional master bathroom renovation

AFTER: Freestanding tub

The tub and all the taps are from Signature Hardware and I will also post a full article about them. We also added board and lath around the tub. We worked on this project over the weekend before they came back to install the tub and toilet, so it was a busy weekend. Mark also had shingles and we only knew that later. I am so glad that we have survived all of this and can now relax a bit.

We had Sunburst Shutters plantation shutters installed. I will also share information about it later, as we added it in a few other places while we were there. During installation, Dan told me about Sunburst’s sliding doors in the barn, so we get one for the main bathroom as our current door swings directly into the tub. The sliding door will save space. I will share that when it is installed, as well as more on the Plantation shutter. We love it here, let in more light and really upgrade the bathroom.


new traditional master bathroom renovation

I absolutely love this tub and have already taken a bath. It was so comfortable and I was very impressed with the bath. Love it!

I ordered this small side table / stool from Serena & Lily and it is perfect here.

new traditional master bathroom renovation

I will also share sources of lighting, but the main lamp is one of my favorites. It’s so pretty and sparkling here and looks so much better than the ceiling fan that I don’t think we’ll miss it.

As you can also see, we installed tongue and groove ceiling boards, and so did the contractor. It was so worthwhile to do that and we love the look. There is a view of the walled niche and you can see it afterwards. So much better!

new traditional master bathroom renovation

As a last minute addition, just yesterday Mark received a new original watercolor from the artist Jim Lagasse on Etsy and I knew immediately that it would look perfect in the bathroom. We just love how it looks on the wall.

I told stories on Instagram that Mark is an original watercolor collector and especially visited winter landscapes. This is really striking and works so well in our newly renovated master. He has an entire gallery wall dedicated to watercolors in his men’s den, and we also have several in our family room. I will write a post that day!

Here is the carpet that I originally got and that ended up in the closet. It’s really pretty, but after the bathroom was done, it was just too much pattern, so it now softens my closet. Here it is Carpet link if you are interested.

This is the bathroom and I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I demonstrated it! I will also share the cost sharing as I know you all like to see that too. I know I like to see how much things cost. It was more expensive than I originally thought, but I think it was worth keeping the look we got and upgrading our home for the future. We love every bit of it and I wouldn’t change anything!

Without the sponsorship of Walker Zanger on the tile, we probably wouldn’t have been able to do nearly as much renovation work, and I’m so grateful for the partnership. We all have a budget to work with.

When I thought about this renovation, I got estimates from a contractor for the share of work so I could figure out how much my budget would be for all of this. I hired sponsors and that helped a lot. Without all of them we would not have reached the full scope of our actions and would probably have cut out a few things. I am so happy with how everything turned out.

Wall color: gray owl {Benjamin Moore)

Door color: Oyster Bay {Sherwin Williams}

Vanity Color: Acacia Haze {Sherwin Williams}

Breakdown of main bathroom costs:

Work: $ 7,168

Contractor: Daniel Martinez and Crew (407.738.0608) Daniel and his boys did a great job and we are very happy with all of this. He was recommended to me by a blog friend and she had received recommendations from several of her friends, so I felt comfortable choosing him and I am very happy with the result. I hired someone I could afford who had a good recommendation. As you will see, his labor price was really good for the amount of work done.

Work included: demo of the entire bathroom, repair panel, concrete slab installed, shower tray installed, all tiles installed, all sanitary installations, all lighting installed and lights moved, bathtub installed, taps installed, tongue and groove installed on the ceiling, primed and painted, remove the toilet and install new ones, place bathtub and faucet, wall in the niche on the top wall. These costs also included the tongue and groove wood materials. This included hanging the two mirrors on the tiled wall. Yes, I have a lot!

$ 5,479 – Tile: Walker Zanger sponsor

Floor tiles: Marmorea Bianco Calacatta 3 × 12 polished porcelain tiles (herringbone pattern)

Shower tile: Marmorea Bianco Callacatta 12 × 24 polished porcelain

Shower base: Jet Set Cadet Blue Lounge marble

Vanity Tile: Tilt Blue Shadow 3 × 8 tile

$ 2,546 – Sink and Faucets: Sponsored by Signature Hardware – I will write a full post on Sink and Faucets and then share everything.

$ 350 – Cabinet Doors and Drawers: Sponsored by Fast Cabinet Doors – I will write a full post on the doors and drawers and paint the vanity with lots of details.

$ 80 – Vanity Hardware: Funded by D. Lawless Hardware

Other editions:

$ 1,012: lighting

$ 275: toilet

$ 1,136: Quartz countertop: Legacy Granite (Minuet from LG)

$ 150: Sink – Kohler Caxton from Home Depot

$ 130: Mirror – Kirklands

$ 80: Hooks – Delta Champagne Bronze from Home Depot

$ 35: Toilet paper holder – Delta Champagne Bronze from Home Depot

$ 1650: Shower Glass – Superior Showers / Atlanta

$ 123: Wallpaper – Spoonflower

$ 91: Shower drain – Amazon

$ 217: Other expenses: Floor & decor – grout, wood floor reducer, Schluter metal cladding in Greige (I think) for showering.

$ 55: Wall Paint – Gray Owl (Benjamin Moore)

$ 29: Vanity Paint – Acacia Haze (Sherwin Williams emerald color quart in satin)

$ 46: Ceiling Color – Custom Blend of Gallon White in Satin for Tongue and Groove

$ 612: Wood materials for Brett & Latte: Home Depot

$ 300: Plantation Shutter Over Tub – Sunburst Shutters

$ 8,455: Sponsored Overall

$ 13,109: We paid in total

$ 21,564: Refurbishment of the entire master bathroom

This is a long post, but I wanted to be thorough and share all the details. It is not an inexpensive bathroom renovation and I was hoping that it would decrease, but this is where we ended up and I agree. I had decided in advance what I was happy with our expenses, and it came out of our pocket for our part. If I hadn’t gotten these fantastic sponsors on board, we would have had to do a smaller project, but I’m so glad that they accompanied me on this trip to the main bath and now we have the main bath of our dreams. I really tried to shop carefully and get inexpensive items and I think I did it well.

We absolutely love the result and I would not change anything. It is exciting to have this new bathroom and we will enjoy this room for years to come. I had no idea that this global crisis would occur as soon as we closed it, but I’m glad that it is over and that this will definitely be the most expensive renovation we will do in this house.

If you have any questions, please ask! I tried to capture all the details and you can find most of the products I used in the bathroom below (partner links used). The black / gold with glass ceiling lamp below goes into my closet, so it is not shown in the post. There is also a crown shape holder that Mark received from Amazon to help install the crown shape, which was a big help. The larger pull-out shelves are similar to my:

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