Rejecting jobs can still lead to a job offer : CAREER

Have you ever applied for a job but did not receive the first offer but still ended up in the role (or worked for the company shortly afterwards)?

It happens.

You may go through the interview process and will not be offered a job. You think that stinks. Don’t be too excited.

The first candidate may not work and you may be next on the list. Or, another role will appear and you may be reminded and recommended.

This happened to one of my customers recently. You went through the job interview and did not receive the offer. A week later, someone in the organization asked if they were interested in discussing another position in the company. You said yes and a new job was created!

It is so important to accept a job rejection / no offer with grace and professionalism.

🔹 Thank the employer for your time.

🔹 Assure them that you are still very interested in the position / company.

🔹 Ask to be considered for future opportunities.

🔹 Do not view the rejection as a door closure, but as an open and simply not entered. Relationships have been established – continue to nurture them!

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