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Hello, how do you all deal with the restrictions in your country? I’m fine, I just have to work from home and see the church online. If you’re feeling scared or scared, I re-released a blog a few days ago called “Don’t Be Afraid”. At these times, we need to make sure that we trust God and know that He will get us through. If he can feed the Israelites in the desert, he can take care of you.

We talked about the three coats of Joseph. The first one I wrote on was the cloak of pride. We have to let go of pride and rely fully on God. The second coat I want to look at is the coat of desire. The story is found in Genesis 39. Joseph was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers and ended up as a slave in Egypt in the house of Potifar. But Joseph did it so well that Potiphar made him second in charge of his house, only Potiphar was above him.

I wonder if Joseph thought he did it. He had an influential position that he did not brag about (since there is no record of it) and was over all things of his master except his wife.

It sounds like the story in the Garden of Eden, in which Adam and Eve could share in all the trees except one. But what happened? The temptation came and this one tree became more desirable than all the others. So they ate from it and were spiritually separated from God.

In our story of Jospeh, he was about to be tempted by this one thing. Potiphar’s wife wanted Joseph as a man and chased him until one day they were alone in the house and she grabbed his coat to pull him into the bedroom. What did Joseph do? He left the coat of desire there and fled.

Do we flee when the coat of desire waves to us? What is the one thing in your life that comes before God? It is time for us to seek God and get rid of him. We will never enter our destiny with God until we do. If Joseph had succumbed to temptation, how would his story have ended? How would the history of the nation of Egypt have ended at that time? Joseph would become her answer to the drought.

Seek God this week to find out one. The world needs us more than ever to fulfill our destiny and be their answer. Come on, we can do it together.

I wish you a nice week and live the life that God has provided for you.

Bless you bunch


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