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Corona virus has us all under control. Hellooo, emotional roller coaster! It is important to think on the positive side and to recognize that there is a lot to do in our whole life during this time. It’s not all nap and netflixing …

The following ideas are all very little supported.

For creative people

Get creative while getting stuck at home

Vision Boards – I made a wedding vision board last week because I need a big vision for my wedding. Buy some magazines, a glue stick, maybe a couple of stickers and get to work!

Creative writing – Many platforms offer helpful tips for creative writing, including the links directly below. poet @ Rupikaur went live this weekend with a creative writing course. I caught the end and was super inspired. What I will say and what I have said to different people in the past few days: Sit in the path of creativity. Follow inspiring people. Be curious. Ask questions. Do the job.

Skillshare – Everyone welcomes the instructional videos. From online photo courses to techniques for interior design (NEED), Skill share With thousands of videos, you can learn everything you want for free. Unlock even more with a paid subscription. Everyone currently receives two months free of charge with an .edu or .k12 email.

Brit + Co – Yassss more online courses! ALL Brit + Co. Classes are open until March 31st. free. Brit + Co helps these creative juices to flow, from watercolor painting to wedding photography and investing in 101!

Adobe – I spend between Lightroom and Photoshop lots Minutes in a day on the Adobe Platform. Until May 31, 2020, students currently have free, personal access to the Adobe Creative Cloud instead of their school classroom licenses. The web-based PDF services on are free until May 31, 2020. For the Creative Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud teams, they’re extending the grace period to 60 days.

Duolingo – Learn a language for free this app. Enough said. Listo!

For woowoos

Get creative while getting stuck at home

Astrology – I’m on an astrology class right now and I’m obsessed with being an understatement. It’s a mix of astrology and psychology (one of my main subjects) so I really love this approach. It allowed me to understand myself and my loved ones better! We have just completed Level 1 and will go to Level 2 next week – I would recommend Debra Silverman’s online program for applied astrology. The next session starts in September.

Enneagram – “What is your enneagram number?” I am sure you have been asked this question in the past few months. If you don’t, listen. Sarajane Case, the face behind Enneagram & Coffee’s Instagram account and podcast and author of The Honest Enneagram, has just wrapped one up Online Enneagram Summit (still available). Like astrology, it is another tool that helps me understand myself and my relationships better.

For self-help & care

Talkspace for online therapy – A session does not always have to begin with lying in a chaise longue, as we often imagine when we see a therapist. Talking to someone online is just as effective. All therapists here are licensed, verified, background checked and cost significantly less than traditional personal therapies. Couple therapy costs $ 99 a week, teenagers $ 65 a week, and code 1004U gives you a $ 100 discount now.

Reading – I recently wrote everything about my favorite books with links to buy.

Nails – Do You Dare To Make Your Own? My nails depend on it lol. THEIR. I * still * have the gel manicure that I had before the suggestion. The proposal to bring you back was February 4th. We are now coming in late March. WTF. Where is IMPRESS press-on manicure if you need them.

Baths – don’t forget that Bombs, Air bubbles, soaks Salts, Candles, Face masks and all the cute ones Mats.

For movers & the shakers

Favorite yoga clothing

Yoga with me! – Every Monday to Friday I go live on IG for an hour, mixed with meditation, weights, cardio or whatever the day brings.

Run your apartment staircase – yes, I really only suggested that. I saw a friend in Chicago this morning who did this because he closed his gym. Desperate times require desperate cardio.

Outdoor Hiking – We’re technically “locked” here in California, but we can still go outside and get into nature on our own or at least 6 feet from another person.

For homebodies

Get creative while getting stuck at home

Home projects – I need how I really need this time to make this house a home. The walls are a bit bare and new beds have just arrived! It’s the little things. I am currently looking for outdoor furniture that I can buy online so that we can get more vitamin D.

Baking – Emulate Ina Garten, Gordon Ramsay or Bobby Flay. The only thing I can do is banana nut bread, but how cool would it be to create your own Chopped OR The Great British Bake Off ?!

Netflix – and chill. So much to see, so much time. If you haven’t seen Cheer or Love is Blind yet, do so first. Then go into everything your heart desires. Right now I’m watching Tiger King … with my jaw on the floor.

Spring cleaning – It’s hard to be super excited in this case, but there are times (very few) when I come to a cleaning grove with blasted music, the swiffer and before I know it … it’s a mini Workout AND the house is clean. Win win. It’s also a great opportunity to clear out your closet and donate clothes to your next goodwill, Salvation Army, and other places as soon as they’re open again.

Couch Concerts – Sounds pretty epic, doesn’t it? Open a bottle of red and watch John Legend LIVE sing straight into your phone from his house and piano. It’s like he’s serenading you, just you, and looking you straight in the eye so lovingly … until Chrissy steps into the frame.

Taxes – This is a downer. I’m sorry I put it here. Good news is that the tax deadline has been officially postponed to July 15 this year. Bad news is that it will soon be due.

For socialites

Get creative while getting stuck at home

Zoom Party – I already had 5 of them with friends around the world this week. When you sign up for a free account, you can call anyone, but be aware of the 40-minute limit for calls to 3 or more people.

Netflix Party – PSA: If you want to spend a movie night with friends, Chrome offers an extension called Netflix Party that lets you steam with friends at the same time. It has a chat window and a play / pause button for all members of the group to keep you in sync. Netflix knew corona virus would come for us or something.

For children

Get creative while getting stuck at home

Children’s cosmic yoga – My nephews participate in this yoga! I’ve actually been thinking about creating a yoga class for kids for my live IGs, but I’m just leaving it up to the Cosmic Kids instead.

Easter egg hunt – inside = the new outside. Place sticky notes with letters, numbers, spelling words, addition, division, or multiplication problems. After all of the eggs have been collected, ask your kids on their sticky notes and give out candy based on their answers.

Hopscotch – hopscotch with painters tape. Put letters or numbers in the boxes and ask your child where it ends up. Everyone does it. Or at least my big sister is 🙂

Virtual tours – There is a Beluga whale webcam in the Georgia AquariumTours of certain parts of the United States’ first national park in Yellowstone and even that Louvre in Paris, France.

If you have any other ideas, please write them in the comments below!


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