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Taipei skyline

Taipei, the capital of Taiwan (an island in southeast China), is an amazing 300 year old city that has everything for all types of travelers! Taipei is a large and very interesting city with almost 3 million inhabitants and a great travel destination for everyone who is interested in culture, history, art, gastronomy (did someone say dumplings and soup ?!), modern buildings, old temples and everything in between.

Where's Taipei?

When planning a trip to this amazing city, one of the most important things to figure out is where to stay in Taipei. There are so many different areas and districts in the city that choosing the best one will definitely be a big challenge for you.

In this post I will talk about the 7 best areas in the city, along with my handpicked hotel recommendations for all types of preferences and budgets!

Are you ready? Let’s go!

If you are in a hurry …

The best area to stay in Taipei first time Visitor is Zhongzheng. This is the best area if you want to be right in the middle of the action and want to walk to all of the city’s major attractions, sights and activities. It is also an area suitable for all types of travelers, from families to couples to backpackers.

The best hotels in Taipei in a nutshell

Which area should you choose?

First, here is a map of Taipei with all of the boroughs that I’m going to talk about in this article so you can better visualize them:

Taipei districts

There are 12 different districts in Taipei, but below I’ve selected the 7 best ones that are relevant and interesting for travelers, especially those who are visiting the city for the first time.

Okay, but how can you choose the right one for YOU? From upscale Xinyi to lively Zhongshan, there’s something for everyone in Taipei!

Check out my list below for my personal recommendations based on your itinerary and interests.

  • Where to stay in Taipei luxury: Xinyi / Taipei 101
  • Best area to stay in Taipei budget Travelers: Datong
  • Where to stay in Taipei Familys: Zhongshan
  • Where to stay in Taipei nightlife: Xinyi
  • Where to stay in Taipei Gourmet: Da’an

Now that you understand a bit better how this city is organized, I would like to tell you everything you need to know about the 7 best neighborhoods in Taipei:

1. Zhongzheng – Where to stay in Taipei for the first time

Taipei Central Station

Zhongzheng is definitely the best area to stay in Taipei when you are here for the first time, in case you want to be in the middle of the action and want loads of photo opportunities!

Zhongzheng District is considered the heart and soul of the city and the best place to explore the capital, especially if you are interested in culture and history. This district is right on the banks of the Tamsui River and some of the highlights here are Chiang Kai-shek memorial hall (Don’t miss the changing of the guard here and visit the gardens too!) Liberty Square, Taipei Botanical Garden, Nanjichang night market, the National concert hall, 2/28 Peace Park and Huashan 1914 creative park, among other.

In terms of accommodation, Zhongzheng has everything your heart desires, from luxury 5-star hotels to hostels and guesthouses that are perfect for backpackers.

PER TIP: One of the best places to stay in all of Zhongzheng is near Taipei Central Station as it is the main transportation hub throughout the city. Basically, all of the center’s major attractions are within walking distance, and you are also very well connected to all other areas and districts in Taipei. Also practical if you want to go on day trips (perhaps to hot springs, to Yangmingshan National Park or to Elephant Mountain?) Or are traveling outside of Taipei.

If you think this is the right area for your stay, here are the best hotels I have selected for you:

Luxury ($ 110 and up)

best hotels in Taipei

  • Caesar Park Hotel Taipei – Wondering where to stay in Taipei for the ultimate luxury experience? This is one of the best hotels in Taipei where you can book your room! This fantastic 4-star property has an on-site fitness center, spa and wellness center, on-site restaurant and more!
  • Hua Shan Din by Cosmos Creation – here is another great option if you want to discover the city and be close to Taipei Central Station, the Chiang Kai-shek Monument, the 2/28 Peace Park and numerous night markets!

2. Xinyi / Taipei 101 – Overnight in Taipei for luxury

Taipei 101 tower

If you’re a business traveler going to Taipei, or if you’re interested in staying in the city’s upscale hotels or surrounded by some of the most modern buildings, the Xinyi district, home of Taipei 101, is definitely the best Area for you!

As I said above, Xinyi is the district where Taipei 101 is the tallest building in the world (508 m high) until it was “dethroned” by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai in March. Needless to say, this is one of the highlights of all of Taipei and offers a breathtaking view of the city – the observation deck is definitely not to be missed!

This is the right neighborhood if you are also interested in boutiques, shopping malls and many nightlife options in Taipei! But listen to me: just because this area is known for its luxury hotels doesn’t mean that you won’t find cheap accommodations here – on the contrary! There are also many affordable accommodations here, so don’t worry!

With the exception of Taipei 101, other major attractions in this district include Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Place (for shopping), Tonghua night market and Sun Yat-sen memorial hall also.

That being said, here are the best hotels to choose from in this area:

Luxury ($ 120 and up)

5 star hotel Taipei

  • W Taipei – If you’re looking for the best accommodation in Taipei to experience the ultimate pampered experience that makes you feel like a queen (or king), book a room here! It’s very close to Taipei 101 and some of the best things to do here are great city views and great service!
  • Grand Hyatt Taipei – Here is another excellent upscale hotel if you want to be as close as possible to Taipei 101 and the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall! This beautiful 5-star hotel in Taipei features a spa and wellness center, an outdoor pool, and other luxurious facilities that you are sure to love!

3. Zhongshan – Where to stay with a family in Taipei

Zhongshan District shopping district

If you are interested in a more traditional area where there are many museums? Are you traveling with your family and want to stay in a relaxed area? Then Zhongshan District should be your choice!

Be sure not to miss it while you’re in the area Taipei Fine Arts Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) who Customs Museum, National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine, Shuangcheng Street Night Market, Yanping Riverside Park and Xingtian Temple!

This area is more of a residential area, but still very interesting for all types of travelers out there. If you’re talking about accommodations, you’ll find plenty of super luxurious hotels, as well as mid-range and budget options here. If you want to arrive in the city center without any worries, just go to an MRT station and you will reach Zhongzheng in less than 30 minutes!

If you feel like you belong to this neighborhood, here is the best accommodation option that I have chosen for you:

Luxury ($ 120 and up)

cheap hotels in Taipei

  • The Grand Hotel – Are you looking for the best quality accommodation in Taipei in the Zhongshan area? Are you looking for a nice place where you feel pampered and relaxed? This is for you! It is excellent 5 star accommodation right in the heart of the district!
  • Regent Taipei – Here’s another super good luxury option that’s very close to Yanping Riverside Park and other major attractions in this area. A rooftop pool, marble bathrooms, a wellness center – these are just a few of the advantages of staying here!

4. Datong – Taipei accommodation on a budget

Twatutia Taipei

Are you traveling to Taipei on a tight budget? Don’t worry, Datong is close to Zhongzheng and is one of the best places to stay!

This area offers many interesting sights and activities, including a visit to the Confucius Temple and Bao’an temple, Shopping at the Ningxia Night Market or Dalong Night Market, strolling on the beautiful Dihua street and admire the Japanese buildings and more!

Datong is not as popular as Zhongzheng or Xinyi, so you won’t see as many tourists here – which means that if you’re looking for a quieter area, and yet still being close to major city center attractions, it’s the perfect choice!

Scroll down to find the best Datong hotels I’ve selected for all types of budgets:

Luxury ($ 120 and up)

Taipei Hotels

  • Palais de Chine Hotel – When it comes to luxury hotels, Taipei sure knows how to make them, and this superb 5-star property is one of the best examples out there! This property has a well-equipped fitness center, a bar, an on-site restaurant and everything in between!
  • City Suites – Taipei Nanxi – Here is one of the best hotels in Taipei where you are sure to get one of the best treatments! It’s a 4-star hotel with free Wi-Fi, a nice seating area, clean rooms, and more!

Medium price ($ 50-120)

  • CityInn Hotel Taipei Station Branch III – For all of you who are looking for a very good middle class hotel in Taipei, I recommend this hotel! It’s also an excellent choice if you’re looking for hotels near Taipei Central Station, which I think is a big plus!
  • Meander 1948 Hostel – If you still haven’t found a great place to stay, you should know that this fantastic hotel offers free WiFi, a terrace, a very good breakfast, and much more. It’s also on a street that has a great location in this neighborhood!

Budget (up to $ 50)

  • C U Hotel Taipei – If you are looking for excellent, affordable accommodation in Taipei, I might have the dream hotel for you! This 3-star hotel awaits you with clean and cozy, air-conditioned rooms, a very good breakfast buffet and much more!
  • Old Door Hostel & Bar – Here is one of the best budget hotels in Taipei in this area! This hotel offers cozy dormitories at very good prices as well as free WiFi, a bar and a delicious breakfast served every morning.

5. Wanhua / Ximending

Wanhua District,

Do you want to shop or try the best foods Taiwan has to offer? Then you should go to Wanhua!

In the Wanhua district is Ximending (also called “Ximen”), a popular area in Taipei, especially for those interested in entertainment and modern buildings. Interesting fact: Wanhua is often compared to Harajuku or Shinjuku in Tokyo, so you should expect a lively, entertaining atmosphere in this district, especially in Ximending.

Wanhua is also on the banks of the Tamsui River and offers numerous accommodation options for all types of bags! In terms of attractions, let me just name a few: Ximending Night Market, Wanhua Night Market, Night market on Huaxi Street, also known as Snake Alley (yes, there are tons of night markets in Taipei!), Taipei Cinema Park, the Red House Theater, Longshan temple or Tianhou temple.

A stay here also means that you are always surrounded by numerous restaurants, bars, clubs and shops. This is a huge bonus. You are also an MRT station from Taipei Central Station – a great advantage!

Convinced? Below are my handpicked hotels in Wanhua for your stay:

Luxury ($ 120 and up)

Hotels in Taipei Taiwan

  • Caesar Metro Taipei – If you’re looking for great luxury hotels in Taipei that are a 5-minute walk from all the major attractions in the area, including the Longshan Temple, you’ve come to the right place! This 5-star hotel in Taipei offers impeccable service, lots of leisure facilities and cool amenities.
  • Suz Hotel – Here is another excellent choice if you want to be close to numerous street food restaurants, Ximen MRT station (8 minutes’ walk away) and all the major attractions and activities in this neighborhood! It also has its own fitness center, restaurant, private parking and much more!

Medium price ($ 50-120)

  • Rainbow Hotel – Would you like to stay in a super good middle class hotel near the Longshan Temple and in a convenient location so you can shop Ximending? Then you should take a look at this place! The rooms here are super clean and cozy and each has its own bathroom!
  • Via Hotel – This is another great place to go if you are looking for an excellent mid-range hotel in Taipei. This place has all the facilities and amenities you need for a very comfortable stay. Check if rooms are still available as this is a very good choice for accommodation!

Budget (up to $ 50)

  • Sunshine Ximen – This cute budget inn is the perfect choice if you want to walk to countless great restaurants, shops, and other interesting sights in this area! Of course there is also free WiFi!
  • Ximen Airline Hotel – Here’s another great choice if you want to be in an area close to many street food restaurants serving Chinese and other international cuisine! This cool hotel offers different types of private rooms to choose from – just give it a try!

6. Da’an – Accommodation for gourmets in Taipei

Shida night market Taipei

Da’an is a great neighborhood overall, but I wholeheartedly recommend it to all foodies out there! It’s the best place to explore the amazing Taiwanese gastronomy in all types of restaurants – from night markets to first class restaurants (such as Din Tai Fung)!

Da’an (very close to Xinyi) is also known as the “lung” of the city of Taipei, so I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for fresh air! Why? Because here is Da’an Park (a huge park, often compared to Central Park in New York)!

Be sure to visit us while you are here Shida night market, Tonghua Night Market, Jianguo Jade and Flower Market. I also recommend visiting the Great Mosque of Taipei and Yongkang street also.

You are also connected to the rest of the city whenever you are near an MRI station. There are also plenty of shops nearby so you can always shop or take souvenirs home with you!

If you want to stay in Da’an during your trip to Taipei, here are the best hotels to choose from:

Luxury ($ 120 and up)

Taiwan hostel

  • Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei – Are you looking for the best hotel in Taipei in the heart of beautiful Da An? Then this is the one for you! It offers impeccable 5-star service, a swimming pool, modern rooms, an on-site fitness center, a restaurant, a bar and much more!
  • Hotel Proverbs Taipei – This is another very good upscale choice if you want to be close to Da’an Park and the world famous Din Tai Fung restaurant. This 5-star property has comfortable rooms, free Wi-Fi and a great location close to numerous entertainment options.

Medium price ($ 50-120)

  • Dandy Hotel-Daan Park Branch – Are you looking for cheap hotels near the famous Din Tai Fung restaurant? Then you should book a room here! This cool hotel has bright and clean rooms and is also 1 minute from Daan Forest Park – so cool!
  • Green World ZhongXiao – Here’s another super great option if you want to be close to Da’an Park and other must-see locations in this cool neighborhood. It offers 4-star service, free Wi-Fi, a private bathroom, a 24-hour desk and other great benefits!

Budget (up to $ 50)

  • DONGMEN 3 Hostel – For all travelers looking for a very affordable option in the heart of Da An – this is the place for you! This lovely hostel has capsule rooms, so it’s a great opportunity to stay in this type of accommodation if you haven’t had a chance before!
  • Amici Hotel Six Star Hostel – This 3-star hostel is another excellent choice for those on a tight budget. The prices are super good and the rooms in this hostel are modern and super clean – perfect for a good night’s sleep!

7. Songshan

Taipei River

If you are just taking a short trip into town, are a business traveler, or plan to travel to another area of ​​Taiwan by plane, I recommend staying in Songshan, a neighborhood near Songshan Airport!

Some interesting things to visit in this area are Songshan Creative and Cultural Park (the center of the entire district), Ciyou temple, the Rainbow bridge, Taipei arena, Rough night market and the Breeze Center also.

Here’s another fun fact: Songshan is also known as Taipei’s “Wall Street” and is definitely a popular area for business travelers. There are also lots of great restaurants, cafes and shops so you will never get bored here!

If you’ve chosen to stay in Songshan, scroll down to find the best hotels in the area:

Luxury ($ 110 and up)

where to stay in Taipei

  • Mandarin Oriental Taipei – This is certainly one of the best places to stay in the entire city of Taipei! This superb 5-star hotel has an on-site fitness center, yoga classes (so cool!), A tour desk, luggage storage, an on-site restaurant, and everything you need for a luxury stay!
  • Brother Hotel – If you are still looking for the best upscale accommodation in this wonderful city, check it out, you might fall in love! It is a super cool 4-star hotel in the immediate vicinity of an MRT station and the Taipei Arena. Plus, it has no less than 7 restaurants!

Medium price ($ 50 – $ 110)

  • Waterfront Hotel – This cool 3-star hotel is an excellent place to stay if you are looking for accommodation that is great value for the price you will pay! Some of the rooms here offer an unforgettable view of the city. So choose one of them!
  • Green World Triple Beds – Here’s another fantastic 3-star hotel where you can book a room in this cool area! Free WiFi, family rooms, an on-site fitness center, and sparkling clean rooms – these are just a few of the benefits of staying here!

Budget (up to $ 50)

  • Sleepy Dragon Hostel – If you are looking for a clean and comfortable hostel this is one of the best places to book a room as it offers some super good prices! The location is just spotless, great near a subway station, and it also offers free WiFi, city or mountain views (depending on the room), and more!
  • Mei Stay – Here is another super cheap place if you are looking for cheap hotels in Taipei! This cool hostel offers free WiFi, parking, a 24-hour front desk and many other nice facilities and amenities that you are sure to enjoy!

Best apartments in Taipei

Taipei aerial view

If you are a traveler who prefers the homely, cozy feeling of living in an apartment instead of a hotel room, I have good news for you – Taipei has many fantastic Airbnbs options to choose from! Apartments are a good choice if you want to save some money (they are so cheap especially in Taiwan!) Or if you are a larger group that wants to stay together, for example a family. The apartments are more spacious and offer some particularly fantastic facilities such as a kitchen, living room and much more.

To help you, I selected the best apartments I could find in Zhongzheng (my recommended area for people visiting Taipei for the first time), all grouped by budget:

Luxury ($ 60 and up)

Taipei Hotels

  • Fashion Taipei House ((4 人 房) – If you are looking for excellent, upscale accommodation in the best location for a stay in Taipei, I really think this apartment is for you! The decor is super cool and it’s just great for up to 4 guests.
  • 西門町 Ximending MRT 2 Minutes – Here is another fantastic place that proves that you can enjoy a luxurious stay even if you book an apartment instead of a hotel! It has very good reviews and is close to all the interesting sights in the city center.

Medium price ($ 30- $ 60)

  • Haven Taipei Ximen 台北 西門 安居 – This apartment is a good choice if you are looking for accommodation that is good value for money. This hotel is ideal for up to 4 guests and it is super clean and in a very good location – what more could you ask for?
  • Ximen 簡約 風 (2 人 房) – This beautiful private room is located in the Wanhua district, very close to the main railway stations of Zhongzhen and Taipei. It is the best accommodation in Taipei for 2 guests who want to explore everything this cool city has to offer!

Budget (up to $ 30)

  • The Family Guest House Room No. 2 – In case you are two travelers visiting Taipei on a very tight budget, this private room has some incredible prices! By the way, this is posted by a superhost, so you can expect great service!
  • The Family Guest House Room # 1 – Here’s another equally beautiful room that has the same benefits as the previous one – great location, unbeatable prices, and some amazing prices!

Best hotels near Taipei airports

Taipei Taoyuan Airport

Taipei does not have one, but two airports! Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE), about 45 km from Taipei Central Station (50 minutes by car) and Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA), only 7 km from the main train station (20 minutes by car).

Regardless of where you arrive when you land in Taipei, I have selected some great hotel accommodations for you (3 for each airport, one for each type of budget):

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

  • (Luxury) Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport – This is my recommendation for people looking for an upscale Taipei airport hotel. This is less than 2 km away and offers excellent 4-star service!
  • (Medium price) Flyagain Airport Guest House – If you’re looking for a medium-sized place instead, this is for you! It’s actually a cute and cozy apartment 6 km from the airport and perfect for a good night’s sleep!
  • (Budget) The Stay Capsule Hotel-Taoyuan Airport T2 – If you want to book an affordable place near the airport, there is no better choice than this! This is located directly at the airport and offers both private and dormitories to choose from.

Taipei Songshan Airport

  • (Luxury) The Sherwood Taipei – This cool 5-star hotel is just 1 km from the airport and offers impeccable service for those who want both luxury and comfort!
  • (Medium price) Green Garden Apartments-A – This is a mid-range aparthotel with excellent decor, some very good prices and a great location, 800m from the airport.
  • (Budget) D and C – This host family is my recommendation for all of you who are on a tight budget and still want to be as close as possible to this airport – only 1.4 km away!

For more accommodation options near this airport, see my recommendations for the Songshan District (# 7 in my list above).


Taiwan urban cityscape

Yes, you have reached the end of my complete guide to accommodations in Taipei! I hope you found this post useful and maybe you have already found your dream hotel based on one of my recommendations above, right?

In this post I told you everything you need to know about the 7 best neighborhoods in Taipei, with handpicked hotel recommendations in each of them. From the legendary Zhongzheng to the luxurious Xinyi or the lively Wanhua, I talked about all of this and more in the article above! I also gave you my recommendations for fantastic apartments and airport hotels in the city.

Are you traveling to Taipei soon? Do you have any further questions or concerns? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help!

Good Trip,


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