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Paint color ideas for your front door

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March 21, 2020

Color of the front door color

The attractiveness of the curb is an important factor when it comes to the perceived value of your home in Toronto. It also plays a key role in the overall attractiveness of your home, whether you want to improve the look for potential buyers or for yourself with interior design. And one of the best ways to make the curb more attractive is a fabulous front door.

But if your front door is monotonous right now, it may be time for improvement. While you could always replace it, you could possibly get away with repainting it to make the curb more attractive. The question is which color is best for a front door. After all, there are literally thousands of different colors to choose from in the spectrum. But the thing is, not all of them will necessarily work well for this particular surface.

We’ll make it easier for you to choose a color for your front door with some of our suggestions below.


Probably one of the best colors for a front door is red. You can even use other tones in this spectrum, e.g. B. Burgundy or brick red. It is a great shade that is bold and visually appealing, but “harmonizes” with other components of a house. Red has a lot of personality and visual interest without being overwhelming, which is why it makes the list of some of the best front door colors!

Navy blue

Another great choice for your front door is navy blue. Navy blue is an interesting neutral color with a lot more Pizzazz than an average neutral shade. It is rich, noble, refined and stylish. Here, too, it creates visual interest without going overboard with bright colors.


Another great tone on a front door is green. And with this color, you can literally try out a variety of shades along this color spectrum, from dark winter greens to lighter and happier greens. It’s a great testimony to nature and will surely go well with your landscaping efforts.


Dark, mysterious and elegant, black is a fabulous color for a front door. It’s a great neutral shade for an exterior, and while it suits almost every color theme, it’s particularly noticeable on lighter exteriors.

Do you need further ideas for the design or staging of your house in Toronto?

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