Love is blind: this is how it works during the corona virus Dating

Love is blindAs the Netflix show (and the old adage) says, love is blind! This means that you can find true love during the Coronavirus outbreak – despite all of its hysteria and social distance. And maybe that’s why. Dating is fine! The number of people downloading dating apps in the U.S. or worldwide has not changed. Bumble reported that usage remained stable and in line with seasonal trends. OkCupid has actually seen an increase in usage among recent data in large cities like New York.

The good news is that the boys achieve more because they want to connect. Because they work alone at home and cancel all travel and other social plans. You feel very lonely and isolated. They now know more than ever that they need companionship and love. So, Crisis is an opportunity!

In fact, corona virus has become one of the top icebreakers in the first news about new games on many apps and websites. Social distancing is like being in a capsule, similar to the participants in the reality show Love is blind. Couples are brought together and meet without seeing each other. Two couples found true love on this show! You can also!

In addition, more people are now finding love for the distance online. They spend up to several months getting to know each other before arranging an excursion. (I’ve heard great stories from people from different countries who met on Facebook or dating sites – and the relationships actually work!)

Here are seven great ways you can take advantage of this strange time:

Love is blind opportunity 1: You learn new games faster

This is a great time to get to know someone quickly – it’s like being thrown into a liferaft in the middle of a storm. Are you proactive? Rejecting what happens or super risk taker? Are they germicidal? Facility manager? How do you react to crises? Make lemonade out of the pandemic lemons? Super worried or laughing at what’s going on and sending you funny toilet paper videos? You can instantly get a lot of information about your new games.

Love is blind opportunity 2: You can learn how closely a man really suits you

You now have the ability to quickly connect to new games at a deeper level, rather than just at the appearance level. You can get to know each other’s core personalities, regardless of whether you are both on the same wavelength or have similar values, goals, and relationship styles.

Use a lot of virtual contacts – speak and get to know each other through texts and calls. Make sure you use Facetime, Skype, or Zoom so that you get some pictures. Go to virtual appointments.

Love is blind opportunity 3: You have eliminated the players

People who just want a loot call won’t get stuck there if you make a virtual appointment. They are not really interested in getting to know you. If they feel that you are not joining quickly, they will go on. This is great for saving you from heartache.

Love is blind Opportunity 4: You can meet 3 boys at the same time

I strongly advise women to meet three men without sex at the same time. This way you can find out who really corresponds to your heart’s calling. It also empowers you where you feel more desirable and attractive. And it helps you avoid disappointment and heartache – if one man falls off, you can turn to another. Since you have more time in your schedule because you don’t have to commute etc., you can do the dating program of 3 more easily and have a lot of fun!

Love is blind opportunity 5: ideas for virtual appointments

Have a happy hour together via Skype or Zoom. Watch YouTube videos about your common interests, e.g. For example, get the latest photos from Mars, keto diet suggestions, training fads, and discuss the videos. Or watch a movie together while video chatting about it. Play an online game for multiple people. You can also cook a meal or exercise while he is doing the same, and video chat about it

Love is blind opportunity 6: Safe personal dating ideas

First, check with your government policies to see if you can get together. There may be places where this is frowned upon. However, if you feel like you have an extraordinary connection and attraction, just meet for a short date.

However, if you are older or have a health condition that puts you at higher risk, postpone the face-to-face meeting until the pandemic is over. You can still develop the relationship virtually in a great way.

Love is blind opportunity 7: How to make a first date safe and good

Before you meet, ask How are you feeling today? And let him know I feel great! Don’t meet face to face if any of you don’t feel good.

Don’t go to him or let him be with you for the first time. It is too early. There is a risk that you will become infected with the virus, have premature sex, or worse if it is a bad egg! Instead, go for a walk. When you meet for the first time, do not hug. Just smile and blow a few kisses in his direction. End the date in the same way. If the chemistry is there, it will still be there! Don’t be too physical, d. H. Don’t hold hands and don’t kiss.

If you go out for a takeaway, take a disinfectant, clear an outdoor table, and eat something. Do not drink from the same glass and do not eat from the same plate.

Wash off after the date.

The opportunity is blind. The opportunity is real. Singles appreciate the connection more than ever and want love. You can use this great time and start a great relationship that fits your heart’s calling.

If you feel anxious, stressed, lonely, or insecure, you should definitely take a break through to love session with one of my experienced trainers. You can have the support you need and deserve.

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