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I was very angry. I just have no idea why God has to make everything so hard and miserable all the time. All the sickness, depression, poverty, hospitals, fear, bad news etc. etc. etc. every day for years, decades, centuries. It’s so annoying.

Does God really enjoy making us all suffer so much? I have no doubt that God is the cause of all our suffering, even though Christians defy all reason and declare everything bad as “the devil”, as if God’s power was strictly limited to making good things happen, which is an absolutely crazy philosophical Position is take.

I can’t read a book or watch a video for five seconds without feeling like I’m under control and have to stop. It’s so frustrating because God will really make me excited to do something, and once I start, I feel depressing energy and have to stop to restore my peace. It is so annoying! I’m so sick of it.

God is in control and understands this. I just wish God wouldn’t always make everything so miserable and difficult. He certainly doesn’t have to.

Lord God, I know you understand what’s going on. Because you cause it. I’m just asking you to be so much friendlier to me and the world than you were and are. Please be kind, sir. Please be merciful and generous and not cruel. I know things could be so much worse, but they could be so much better.

Please, God, help me understand why I can’t even see my favorite YouTubers for five seconds before I feel like I need to switch off because I’m being controlled. Maybe it’s because I’m tuned to the technology industry’s advertising and brainwashing practices or something, I don’t know. But you are in control of all of this. Please, God, help me understand what is going on with world events and what I should do would be satisfactory and useful. Please be kind to me, God, and to all of us. Amen.

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