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“Your presence on social media is vital as a real estate agent. “ ((RISMedia)

Turn your social media followers and fans into real estate buyers

Social media has become an increasingly important tool for real estate professionals, but most brokers are still learning to use it effectively.

According to the National Brokers Association::

  • 44% of home buyers searched for property online
    for sale as your first step in the home buying process while
    16% of buyers first contacted a real estate agent.
  • 91% of brokers use social media to a certain extent

Despite these numbers, the real estate industry has lowest social media engagement rate from any major industry that generates on average less than one response per post, though Brokers publish more social content than any other industry, HubSpot research shows.

The real estate industry has the lowest social media engagement rate of any major industry and generates on average less than one response per post, although brokers publish more social content than any other industry, HubSpot research shows.Click to tweet

If your social media activities don’t eventually lead to conversions, this is a waste of time that is not good for your company.

Here are a few steps you can take to increase your social media engagement and generate conversions from your posting activity.

Track your engagement

To improve your engagement in social media, you should first establish a base so that you know how your posts work.

Failure to track social performance is one of the most common mistakes that brokers make while brokers who are successful in social media marketing are tracking their analysis, says Matthew Bushery, marketer of placester real estate marketing provider.

The first step in tracking your engagement is to identify the key performance indicators that you need to track.

This varies depending on the platform, with likes and comments being important for Facebook, while retweets are specific for Twitter, for example.

You can use tools like:

  • keyhole to track your brand’s performance on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Google Analytics Here you can see how your social posts contribute to traffic on your company’s website.
  • Octopost In particular, it allows you to track the conversions generated by your social media activity and the financial impact of your posts.

Offer value between home sales

A key to promoting social media engagement is publishing content that adds value to your customers when they are not actively looking for a home.

Most people rarely have to buy a house, and most of the time they are not on the market to buy anything. So if you only rely on the times when you buy a house to build a relationship with them, you have a very small window.

In addition, after buying a house, 70 percent of people forget the name of their real estate agent within a yearaccording to ReminderMedia.

It is therefore important to reach people in times when they are not actively looking for a house. Even if people are not actively looking for a house, they know other people who are. So, getting people to share your social content can significantly increase the effectiveness of your contacts.

To attract followers who are not active home buyers but may be in the future or may be a good referral for your social feed, you can post content that is relevant to living in your current home.

85 percent of most viral social content is explained by:

  • Food content
  • Home content
  • Lifestyle content

Think of your blog as an online magazine where you can share information of general interest that is valuable to homeowners, including but not limited to home buying information.

Follow up

Follow-up with your customers and social followers between sales cycles and after posts is also the key to converting your posts into conversions.

When people comment on your posts, you can use this as an opportunity to respond and build your relationship with them. Some successful brokers go one step further and look for ways to support customers after buying their homes.

For example, some brokers such as Ina Torton specialize in selling to older home buyers, serve as trusted advisors to their clients, and assist them with issues related to buying an older home, e.g. B. Addresses concerns about reverse mortgages. Real estate sales and even housekeeping.

One way to help customers of all ages with home purchase issues is to point them to experts who can help them with these issues, such as:

  • Banking
  • insurance
  • Financial planning consultant

These resources can in turn serve as referral partners to direct active home buyers to you.


I use a tool called Post planner to plan my Facebook and Twitter posts for the month.

What I find is that I get the most engagement from posts that are farthest from real estate!

I’ve tried local real estate news, real estate celebrations, listings, national real estate news, home and garden, HGTV, Houzz, this old house, Better Homes and Gardens as you call it … but if I get a good engagement on my Facebook page or Twitter profile is when I post:

  • comedy
  • psychology
  • inspiring
  • my family and personal pictures
  • personal videos

Create videos, video marketing and add them to your WordPress website. Make sure you Optimize your content for SEO.

Good social engagement for your post can improve your content, and good content can increase your social engagement.

When you publish good video content that is shared with your sphere of influence, you are also an authority in your industry.

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