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There are still many good reasons to sell your home at this time of fighting a virus. However, many are right to be in contact with others if they don’t know where they were.

The nice thing about technology is that You can also get competent advice from a certified home stager on how to get your home in top-selling condition without having to get in touch with anyone.

I have made many long-distance calls to customers whose huts are outside the city or live outside the state. It can be done well to offer help to get a home in best-selling condition and still stay safe.

There are two possibilities:

  • FaceTime / Skype with you: Skype

This works well when two people are present at home. One to hold the phone and one to write down. This option is helpful so that we can Concentrate immediately on problem areas.

It can be difficult in that keeping the phone steady is difficult so I can clearly see that background noise like kids at home can distract you or if you try to take notes while holding the phone. This can be difficult for older customers who are not tech-savvy or do not have a strong internet connection.

However, this option is nice Questions can be answered back and forth in real time.


  • Send me photos of your home:

living room With this option, I will provide a list of photos you should take of your home. Send me an email or text message and I’ll go through it and write recommendations for each room. The list of recommendations will be emailed to you with any questions I have about this area. Either by email or by planning a subsequent phone call, we can go through your questions and discuss any questions that are still open to me.

This option works great I can take the time to look at every room and The notes are already done for you. The Photos also offer more details and I can enlarge corners. Checklist

Both options give me the option to contact me to answer any remaining or unanswered questions. It can happen that a combination of the above points makes sense.

When you’re ready to plan yours Virtual home staging adviceI will give you more details and we will discuss the best option for you.

Hopefully this is a solution to a very short term problem. BUT I can help you wherever you are!

With shops and restaurants closed, now is the perfect time to start working on the checklist of things to do before you list your home. Now is a great time, even if you won’t be listing for many months. Have the time Take a step ahead of the game!

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