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With so many small businesses facing uncertainties about the future, I decided to fill my list this week with items that shaped my week and which I also happened to buy locally in favorite stores. Their shop windows are closed, but their small web shops are still running, if you have the means to support them.

1. this happy pillowcase of Collyer’s Villa;; this beloved book Stories.

{because in the constant mess of pillow fortresses, it’s nice to read something good and look pretty.}

2. this Hand cream of Salterhaus.

{the best smelling thing in my house and exactly what my poor dry hands need.}

3. this Animals of Acorn toy store.

{because I’m so loved.}

4th this book of Books are magic.

all the anger

{because if there was ever a time to rethink how your hetero relationship divides work, this is bbs.}

5. this small pot of grdn.

{to maintain some greenery.}

other things:

It’s going to be messy and that’s fine.

terrible things happen, but it is still possible to move forward with love and hope.

Home office / home daycare.

interchangeable ingredients.

Home is not always a safe place.

Power dressing.

So why should they hear about women??

// //

and if you missed it, I started an online class this week on skillshare. In these uncertain times, your support of this free class will help me read my tea leaves above water. If you see it and like it, please share the link widely: I would be so grateful.

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