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It is difficult to be a buyer these days. Buying a home is already difficult, but if you add a global pandemic that closes stores and locks countries, you probably feel that buying a home, let alone visiting one, is impossible.

Fortunately, your house hunt doesn’t have to stop. On live video chat tours, a Redfin agent takes you on a virtual live tour of a house you want to see and gives you a personal perspective. If you want to avoid the risk of being exposed to the current outbreak or just want to move to another city, Redfin’s live video chat tours offer the perfect way to see houses if you can’t get there in person.

It’s easy, convenient and you can start viewing houses right away. The best thing is that your home purchase journey can continue.

How do you plan a live video chat tour?

You can instantly schedule a live tour via video chat or the Redfin app. Simply select “Video Chat Tour” next to the house you want to see and choose the date and time that best suit your schedule. Once you’ve submitted your request, a Redfin agent will confirm your live video chat tour.

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Would you like to know more? Read our full guide how to do a live tour via video chat with a Redfin agent.

You can even make an offer and virtually close a house

Home buyers who work and use with their Redfin Agent Redfin mortgage and the title service, when available, can make an offer and electronically close a house without ever leaving the house. Known as eClosings, the entire (traditional) process of closing a home has become a completely digital experience that is now faster and more convenient for home buyers.

If you would like to learn more about eClosings, you can find more information on our Blog.

See houses with 3D exemplary approaches practically different

In addition to live video chat tours, potential buyers can see the interior of each Redfin house Complete 3D solutions. This virtual experience offers a high-resolution, interactive three-dimensional view from every angle within a house. You can explore any room in a house for sale at any time and from any location that is most convenient for you.

Do you sell your home before you buy a new one?

If you think about it Sell ​​your houseNow could be a good time. Daryl Fairweather, chief economist at Redfin, says:Given the low, it’s still a seller’s market [mortgage] Rate and low inventory. “With Redfin’s live video chat tour, interested buyers can tour your home live video chat with their Redfin agent. That said, you can still get a lot of pedestrian traffic, but with fewer actual feet that go through your front door.

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