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On March 11, 2020, HPE announced its latest small business solutions, leading the way with next-generation HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Plus with remote management and security features and a choice of IntelĀ® Pentium or Intel Xeon E processors. Solutions tailored to small businesses include Office in a Box, scalable files and backups, and Edge to Cloud for easier access to cloud services.

In economically difficult times, investment decisions are the focus. The result is usually lower investment levels. It also sharpens medium and long-term priorities. This leads to intelligent investments. Investments made at this point will also become longer-term drivers of investment in neighboring areas. Techaisle believes the recent economic implosion has acted as a catalyst for such measures and changes in SMEs. In a digital economy, SMEs can expand the reach and engagement for customers and potential customers while finding and integrating suppliers to improve scaling options. 79% of SMEs are on the way to digital transformation. The roadmap for a successful digital transformation begins with the creation of a solid physical infrastructure – the “building blocks” or “foundations” of the business infrastructure. Core infrastructure devices need to be synchronized with the requirements of digital transformation initiatives. Server, storage, network and security must meet the company’s requirements. The most advanced and transformative SMEs want to improve IT sustainability – their ability to effectively manage IT delivery in the future – customer proximity, operational excellence, and IT speed and agility. And they see better business results than those who are not fully committed to modernizing the core physical infrastructure.

HPE solutions form the basis for effective, agile and secure modernization.

First impression

HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen 10 Plus and accompanying offers shouldn’t be a problem for small businesses and distributors. Techaisle data shows that 83% of SMEs see technology as a contribution to business success, but they also find technology kinetic, complex and risky. Regardless, 31% of small businesses want to modernize their IT infrastructure, and HPE offerings help overcome implementation costs (34%) and security concerns (32%) that prevent an IT modernization initiative from being launched. Techaisle data also shows that a growing percentage of SMEs use both on-prem and cloud servers, but hybrid is the goal. The workload from public clouds is being switched to hybrid clouds. 70% of small businesses implement or plan to use a basic hybrid cloud with workloads assigned to different cloud / on-prem environments. Techaisle’s segmentation data shows that there is a higher demand for on-prem solutions in SMEs that are medium and mature cloud users, as well as in the segments of basic and advanced IT maturity. HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Plus and Office in one box can also be easily taken over and provided by the pre-IT maturity segments and passive cloud followers.

HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Plus

The server is about the size of a typical hardcover book (4.6 inches x 9.65 inches x 9.65 inches) and as quiet as a library (36 dB). It offers sufficient performance and storage space for a small business and causes HPE to call it “small and powerful”. The form factor size is volumetrically 3 times smaller than that of Dell PowerEdge R240. As-a-Service server prices start at less than $ 20 a month. The list price varies between US $ 709 and US $ 899 for configurations for entry level.

Three key features of HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen 10 Plus that are worth mentioning:

  1. HPE-exclusive silicon root of trust that provides 360-degree protection, detection and recovery from malicious cyberattacks. Survey data on the introduction of Techaisle SME security shows that 53% of SMEs’ cybersecurity is either the most critical or one of the top three issues facing their business. However, 78% are unsure if they can recover from a cyber security incident. With HPE Silicon Root of Trust, you may have one less problem to worry about.
  2. HPE ILO 5 provides insight into server health and operations with secure remote monitoring and management. With an average of 3.8 IT employees in small companies, SMEs need help with remote monitoring of the IT infrastructure. Manageability is an important selection criterion for the solution of SMEs, which usually have a relatively small IT workforce but far-reaching goals for IT / digital transformation. In this environment, it is important that solutions work seamlessly and without a lot of practical management.
  3. HPE InfoSight for Server, which predicts and prevents IT disruptions before business operations are affected. In the context of growth, the cloud is seen as a means to facilitate extended reach. And SMB cloud users are looking for features that contribute to growth: 79% say that the cloud enables them to make their business processes more agile. A cloud based on a strong core technology is not only an essential IT infrastructure, but also an important business infrastructure.

Pre-configured small business solutions on HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Plus

Office in a box: is a pre-configured solution that includes HPE ProLiant MicroSever Gen10 Plus with built-in security, Aruba Instant On (wireless access point) and HPE RDX removable storage system that can be scaled as needed. It is ideal for very small businesses, small offices, small work groups for up to 10 users. Office in a Box also comes with Windows ROK (Reseller Option Kit) and storage controller. Prices start at $ 125 a month. According to Techaisle’s SME buyers’ travel and technology research data, nearly 2/3 of small businesses use existing IT budgets and about 1/5 of the cost of IT purchases. For these small businesses, HPE has a list price for Office in a box. For a configuration consisting of MicroServer Gen10 +, 4 1TB drives, iLO activation, next business day support and an Aruba WAP (Wireless Access Point), the list price before discounts is approximately $ 3,500. Only 3% of small businesses have full-time IT employees (source: Techaisle SMB and Midmarket Research), and very small businesses manage and only have workloads with a much smaller workforce, typically made up of IT generalists limited infrastructure resources available for exploration. There is a very short period of time between the acquisition and use of new technologies, and they need to put fewer chips on the table and quickly benefit from their investments. Office in a Box is suitable for both segments of small businesses – with internally managed IT and unmanaged IT.

Scalable file and backup: is a preconfigured solution for central access to files for simple and secure collaboration. The solution is scalable up to 16 TB and enables secure backup and recovery on site. Companies are heavily invested in IT and have IT-dependent processes throughout their operations. This ubiquitous dependence on technology means that every system failure reverberates throughout a company’s daily operations. There is no way to protect yourself from disasters with IT outage insurance. Adequate investment in IT backup / DRS, security processes, technologies, and management strategies are the only ways to take advantage of IT productivity without being paralyzed in the event of malware invasion, hacking, or negligence or misconduct by an employee to be exposed. Techaisle’s research into SMB and midmarket security trends shows that 53% of small businesses and 48% of midmarket businesses prefer less than 1 hour of backup recovery time. Not all SMEs have a backup / DRS strategy because they either find it too expensive, worry about security in the cloud, or even find a solution that is too complex. The preconfigured solution from HPE takes the requirements and objections into account.

Edge to the cloud: is a preconfigured solution for ROBO deployments (remote office, branch office). The solution includes optional cloud services for connectivity to the central data center.

Take Techaisle

Techaisle believes that 34% of SMEs that prioritize growth are more likely to thrive in today’s unpredictable economy than those who focus primarily on cutting costs or other business as usual goals. In the digital world, growth means more than just increasing return on sales. Today growth is important for expansion as well as for maintaining viability. Techaisle’s SMB research has shown that the need for more efficient processing is the most important reason for SMEs to choose digital transformation. However, there must be points in the system at which the capabilities of the core infrastructure are combined with the promised advantages of digital transformation solutions. The times when lengthy, detailed cost analysis has been used to justify new IT systems are disappearing in favor of a more agile approach that encourages companies to try new approaches and quickly complete these initiatives if they do not deliver the expected benefits. This may sound like a recipe for out of control expenses, but there are options that can protect the cost line. HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen 10 Plus is one of those options that is stunning and should be a breeze.

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