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Client dashboards are powerful tools that allow you to present KPIs to your customers in a professional and visually appealing way. At the same time, you save time and improve your operational efficiency.

Given the growing competition between marketing agencies, choosing the right tool can be the difference that gives you the edge Increase customer satisfaction and Win new business.

How can you choose the right client dashboard tool for your business?

Depending on the specific requirements of your agency, certain dashboard tools meet your requirements better than others.

For example, if you are a small to medium-sized agency (SMA), you have a smaller team, manage fewer customers, and typically work with far less data than a company-sized agency. You’re probably better off choosing a leaner dashboard tool that’s easy to set up, while an enterprise-scale agency needs something stronger with more features to coordinate larger teams, manage more customers, and organize large amounts of data.

The size of your agency is one of the Key factors to consider when choosing a tool.

You may also want to consider factors such as: For example, whether a tool has artificial intelligence (AI) features or not (e.g., if you’re proud to engage in futuristic technologies) or free and open source (e.g., if you have something cheap and customizable to wish). .

To help you choose the right tool, we have divided our list of client dashboards into the following categories:

If you want to take advantage of the opportunity to better convey the value of your agency to your customers, you will find more than 15 dashboard platforms here.

Client dashboards for SMAs

Client dashboards for SMAs not only help demonstrate KPIs and total value, they also offer several other features that can help with client and performance management. Some of these tools also offer a portal area where clients can log in to view them Real time Metrics.


Client dashboard tools: ReportGarden

  • Pricing: 7 days free trial. Custom plans available.
  • Skills: Agency reports, custom dashboards, analysis, operations and performance management.

ReportGarden is an intuitive, easy-to-use customer dashboard tool that digital marketing agencies can use to better manage their customers and paid advertising campaigns.

With our drag-and-drop dashboard creation tool, users can create colorful and visually appealing graphics and diagrams that focus on key KPIs. Client access can easily be granted to any of your accounts view custom reports and dashboards made just for them.

Client dashboard tools: ReportGarden template

sample Google Analytics Dashboard in ReportGarden.

In addition, our pixel-perfect technology enables reports to be created that can be sent in a variety of downloadable forms, including PDF, PPT and XLS. You can also choose from our suite of professionally designed templates to view metrics from key data sources used by SMAs.

Client dashboard tools: ReportGarden All Client Reporting

Users only need to set up a custom report once per client. From there you can use the planning function to automatically send weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reports by email.

Client Dashboard Tools: ReportGarden Sample Digital Marketing Template

Our main focus is to help agencies evaluate their performance by showing customer analytics from various PPC platforms and social media websites like Facebook, Google AdWords and Twitter Ads – and making it as easy as possible for you, your customers to show the value you have for them.

Would you like to try ReportGarden? With our you can see how it is today free 7-day trial.


Client dashboard tools: Cyfe

  • Pricing: The free plan has limited features. Plans start at $ 29 / month. Contact for company prices.
  • Skills: Business analytics, dashboard, reporting and business intelligence software.

Cyfe is a flexible reporting and dashboard platform that allows users to connect multiple data sources through pre-built widgets. It offers several preconfigured dashboards like social media, IT and finance to name a few.

One of Cyfe’s more unique features is TV mode. With an Amazon Firestick, you can project live data and relevant KPIs onto a TV monitor. Therefore, sales, IT and other internal teams can use TV mode to visualize the progress in discussing customer campaigns.


Client dashboard tools: DashThis

  • Pricing: 15 days free trial. The starter plan is $ 33 / month. The business plan is $ 499 / month.
  • Skills: Dashboards, more than 34 native integrations, custom CSV data sources, unlimited customer accounts and data sources.

DashThis is a platform that focuses exclusively on dashboards and reports. Each price plan contains a set number of dashboards that allow unlimited data sources, users and customer accounts. The white label feature enables users to create professional looking reports with relevant KPIs.

DashThis offers users more than 34 native integrations and the ability to import internal proprietary data through a CSV file import system. They also offer a bulk dashboard creation service for agencies that need to set up multiple dashboards quickly.

Agency Analytics

Client dashboard tools: AgencyAnalytics

  • Pricing: The basic plan starts at $ 49 / month. The business plan is $ 399 / month.
  • Skills: Dashboards for PPC, SEO, social media and call tracking.

Agency Analytics is a user-friendly marketing and SEO platform that was developed especially for agencies. It has more than 40 integrations that can be used to create highly customized dashboards and white label reports. Users can then schedule them to be automatically sent to their customers.

Call tracking is one of the more unique features of this dashboard tool. Agency Analytics can connect to one of several popular call tracking platforms like CallRail, WhatConverts and Avanser. This can help determine exactly which sources are responsible for the routing of calls.


Client dashboard tools: Klipfolio

  • Pricing: 14 days free trial. The basic plan starts at $ 39.99 / month. The business plan is $ 399.98 / month.
  • Skills: Custom dashboards, dashboard templates, responsive reports, and custom white label branding.

Klipfolio gives companies the ability to create custom visualizations and dashboards. The drag-and-drop editor lets users embed scatterplots, charts, bullet charts, and even custom HTML.

Klipfolio can be natively integrated into hundreds of data sources using ready-made connectors. The REST API enables data connectivity to spreadsheets, on-premises servers or in the cloud. Once created, dashboards and reports can be delivered via email, Slack, and published links, among other things.

Client dashboards for businesses

Organizations often have large amounts of data that require powerful software to import, clean, analyze, and report on. Some client dashboard platforms for businesses give businesses the ability to manage their business and make their marketing operations more efficient.


Client dashboard tools: TapClicks

  • Pricing: Free 14-day trial. Contact for prices.
  • Skills: Company-level analytics, dashboards, reporting, workflow and automated order entry for media companies and agencies.

TapClicks supports company-level agencies in optimizing their marketing activities and managing customer campaign performance more efficiently. Customers can view key metrics and KPIs through visually appealing dashboards and reports.

A key differentiator for TapClicks is the integration of the platform into over 200 marketing channels, including platforms that are essential for marketing activities in companies such as the large programmatic advertising channels. The Smart Connector feature allows users to import spreadsheets, proprietary and legacy data. Users can create highly customized dashboards or use preconfigured templates that display KPIs and other key metrics.

In addition to robust reporting and analysis capabilities, TapClicks offers users automated order entry that enables a seamless transition between a sales team that closes a new customer and a marketing team that comes straight to work. As soon as an order has been placed, the workflow function is activated to signal who is responsible for what and when, so that everyone is always informed about the progress of the campaign.


Client dashboard tools: Domo

  • Pricing: Free trial period. Contact for prices.
  • Skills: Business analytics, dashboards, Cad Business Intelligence software.

Domo Business-level companies can connect to over 1,000 data sources and create visually stunning dashboards and reports. Users can then integrate this business intelligence into various applications and workflows.

The data federation feature allows users to query data exactly where it is hosted. This provides an additional layer of security by preventing the company’s firewall from being crossed.

Yellowfin BI

Client dashboard tools: Yellowfin BI

  • Pricing: Contact for prices.
  • Skills: Dashboards, business analysis, freeform dashboard canvases.

Yellow fin helps companies to quickly sort and analyze large amounts of data. Users can ask questions directly on the dashboard and the system gives an immediate answer.

Yellowfin also includes several developer tools that allow users to create visually stunning dashboards, infographics, and reports from the free-form dashboard artboard.

Data analysts can work with other users to create a data-driven storytelling experience that is useful in today’s business environment.

Client dashboards with AI

For technology enthusiasts, AI-based client dashboards can help agencies and companies quickly sort and analyze large amounts of data and provide intelligent insights. Some of the following tools allow users to ask questions in plain English and give them an intelligent answer.


Client dashboard tools: Datorama

  • Pricing: Contact for prices.
  • Skills: AI-powered insights, one-click dashboards, ongoing analytics, and a custom app marketplace.

Driven by AI-driven insights Datorama enables users to aggregate, cleanse, analyze and understand large amounts of data.

The App Marketplace offers apps for many use cases such as Facebook ads, social intelligence and lead generation.

There is also an extensive library of Marketing API connectors that save time by helping with model mapping and data cleansing.

Oracle Analytics Cloud

Client dashboard tools: Oracle Analytics Cloud

  • Pricing: Contact for prices.
  • Skills: Self-service analytics, business dashboards, and reporting capabilities with AI support.

Oracle Analytics Cloud Uses machine learning, predictive analytics and AI to give self-service users the ability to discover hidden insights in large amounts of data.

With the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) functions, users can ask the most important questions of the system in plain text and receive an intelligent answer.

The reporting and dashboard features allow users to create custom graphs and charts from data that comes from almost any source.

SAP cloud

Client dashboard tools: SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Pricing: Contact for prices.
  • Skills: Cloud-based analytics, dashboards, AI-driven insights, reporting, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP).

SAP cloud offers companies the opportunity to access all functions from a single platform. This enables quick and easy self-service analysis and dashboard creation without having to rely on IT to run a query.

It uses machine learning, AI, and natural language processing to help users better understand their data. This system can detect KPI drivers and automatically take the next best action. Users and data scientists can predict potential results and make accurate predictions much easier.

IBM Cognos Analytics

Client dashboard tools: IBM Cognos Analytics

  • Pricing: Contact for prices.
  • Skills: AI-powered business insights, custom dashboards and reports. Deployment in public, private, on-premises and multi-cloud environments.

IBM Cognos Analytics Organizations have the ability to create visually stunning dashboards and reports with smart recommendations that users can share across the enterprise.

AI is an important part of IBM Cognos Analytics. When creating dashboards or running reports, the system interprets data and presents actionable insights in simple English. Data scientists and analysts can use the insights as a starting point to further analyze their data.

AI also helps with cleanup and data preparation, which can save users a lot of time.

Free & open source client dashboard software

Open source client dashboard software is not only suitable for companies on a budget. Some companies don’t feel comfortable sending their proprietary data to the cloud outside of the company’s firewalls. In such situations, it often makes more sense for a company to run open source software where they have complete control over everything.

Google Data Studio

Client dashboard tools: Google Data Studio

  • Pricing: Free.
  • Skills: Dashboards, analytics, business intelligence and reporting.

Google Data Studio is a great free tool for those who want to delve deeper into the data created by Google and non-Google properties like Twitter or Facebook.

Users can create visually stunning dashboards and informative reports, and then share that information through a URL.

Google Data Studio is an excellent choice if you need to analyze data from a limited number of data sources, mainly from Google properties. The best thing is that you can integrate dashboards into other ecosystems that can read HTML by copying and pasting an iframe snippet.

Seal report

Client Dashboard Tools: Seal Report

  • Pricing: Free.
  • Skills: Open source dashboard, dynamic SQL sources, native pivot tables, reporting and analysis.

Seal report is a great alternative for businesses looking for an open source tool to run on the Microsoft .Net framework. It is written entirely in C # and allows users to easily adapt it to their company’s needs.

For an open source tool, it offers a number of robust functions, e.g. For example, native pivot tables, HTML 5 diagrams, and HTML rendering. The web report server is particularly useful because users can edit and publish reports through an IIS server on the web.


Client dashboard tools: Dashbuilder

  • Pricing: Free.
  • Skills: Open source reporting and dashboard platform.

Dashbuilder is a dashboard and reporting web application written in Java. The deployment takes place via a Java War file on a Java application server. Companies can import data using a SQL query via the database or via a CSV file.

Once installed, users can create visual dashboards using the drag-and-drop and WYSIWYG editors. While the graphics aren’t as good as some of the more expensive alternatives, Dashbuilder offers cost-conscious organizations a robust way to import, filter, and analyze their data.


Client dashboard tools: metabase

  • Pricing: Free.
  • Skills: Easy-to-install SQL interface, dashboards, reporting, analysis, business intelligence.

Metabase provides businesses with a range of robust tools to create charts, dashboards and complex reports. Installation is easy because there are three ways to install it: Docker Image, Amazon Web Services, and Heroku Deployment.

Metabase may be a good consideration for companies that are reluctant to transfer their data to a paid, third-party cloud-based platform. It also has the advantage that there are no price levels, data restrictions, or storage restrictions as everything is hosted on the end user’s servers.

The best client dashboard is the best for your business

Each of the client dashboard platforms mentioned above can help a particular type of agency demonstrate value to their customers through graphs, charts, and interactive dashboards. We hope that the list above has given you enough information to make an informed decision.

We created ReportGarden specifically for SMAs who want an intuitive tool for managing campaigns and demonstrating value to customers. Start with ours today free 7-day trial.

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