Corona Virus: Stay busy at home with these simple home improvement projects Home Renovation

Coronavirus has led the government to ask people to stay home wherever possible, and with many people now at home, undertaking a home renovation or home improvement project is the perfect way to stay busy.

Self-isolation is not a particularly pleasant experience, but the decision to renovate or improve your home during the coronavirus crisis could be more beneficial than you think.

These changes could not only help Added value for your home, But they could concentrate your mind away from work and keep you busy while the outbreak continues.

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DIY home improvement ideas

While artisans may not be able to visit your home to do a job, you can do some quick revisions or major improvements, including:

Create a dedicated home office

Having your own home office could be valuable when schools close on Friday. If you have a room that is not used very often or is used for storage, e.g. For example, a guest room or a garden room, you should set up your home office there.

Make sure you have enough natural light and consider adding work lights that can be especially useful if you work later in the evening.

You need sufficient sockets and a good WiFi signal. Take this into account when setting up.

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When you move your home office to a storage room, you want to remove the stored items in advance to optimize space. This Storage ideas can be used to effectively maximize the space of your room.

Laying laminate floors

If you have a busy household that isolates itself, your floors can be more worn, so laminate provides protection. Laminate is also easier to keep clean.

You need the right equipment to lay this floor yourself. And depending on the design you choose, your home can feel more spacious. This can feel very welcome if you are away from home for several weeks.

However, you can probably buy everything you need online during a 7-day delivery on tools websites such as ScrewfixThe current problems of some companies could delay deliveries.

This How-to video from the owner Andy Stevens shows how to lay a dry floor system with tongue and groove.

Insulate a loft

By insulating a loft, you can make your home more energy efficient by reducing heat loss and thus your heating costs. And that’s a task you can do yourself. For materials such as boards, rolls or plates, tool locations such as B & Q. remain open for delivery.

Decorate your house

Did you postpone a painting or decorating job? Now is the time to do it. Not only can the job be done within a few days, but the whole family can get involved – you can keep everyone busy and carry out activities together.

In addition, adding a coat of paint can add about 5-10% to the value of your home. This Tips for decorating your own home helps you ensure a long-lasting, professional finish.

Planning future home improvement projects

You will probably spend a lot of time with your family in the coming weeks. So why not use this time to evaluate future home improvement jobs that you could benefit from? This could be the perfect opportunity to start planning an expansion project.

Alternatively, consider turning your garage into a separate living room for your kids if you and your family members are in the same living room for much of the day and argue about what you want to see on TV. If you long for a larger plan space, you can also create a new one Eat-in kitchen by Remodeling or Tear down interior walls.

These projects could also help make you more attractive to curbs and don’t have to be particularly expensive. They shouldn’t be too distracting either. But make sure you do it when you’ve finished work for that day.

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