Amazon Review “How To”: Simple Steps To Get More Customer Reviews-2 : E-COMMERCE MARKETING

When you look at the recent history of Amazon product reviews, you may think that the online retailer is addressing sellers to prevent them from receiving reviews. First, incentive reviews were banned, then accounts were revoked for overly aggressive emails, followed by a global opt-out – all of these actions frightened Sellerville.

The following has been confirmed either by Amazon’s actions or by their official statements:

  • Don’t give away products in exchange for reviews. Yes, Amazon can track that a person used a 100% discount code, then came back a month later and left a review.
  • Don’t just ask for positive reviews. Amazon wants buyers to feel free to leave comments, whether they are positive, neutral, or negative.
  • Do not provide a template that buyers can use for reviews. Giving buyers an outline to fill in the gaps is not only seen as manipulation, but also to ensure that all of your reviews sound exactly the same (aka: suspicious).
  • Don’t pay for reviews. Not from friends, family or bloggers. The only exception is Amazon Vine.

What Amazon is looking for is honesty and real answers from actual buyers. As customers, we want the same thing. I can honestly say that I would do a site search before the review incentive ban to see how many reviews of a product contained the word “unbiased” or “honest”. If the majority of the reviews had these words, I would not buy the product. As a frequent Amazon customer, I didn’t trust these product reviews.

With the current state of affairs, it is becoming increasingly difficult to encourage customers to submit reviews. Here are some reasons why and what you should do about it. (You may also want to read my blog post entitled “4 Reasons Why Your Review Request E-Mails Are Deleted.”)

What you can’t / don’t want to say

A problem with most emails after buying from Amazon is that they are practically all the same. I’m sure you’ve seen this kind of news before …

The problems

  • Ask the customer to only give a positive rating. (# 1, # 2)

This can be seen by Amazon as an attempt to manipulate reviews, as email # 1 explicitly prompts the customer not to leave a bad review, but instead to contact the seller. Email No. 2 states that the customer should leave a review if the product has met or exceeded expectations.

Statements such as “If you love your new _____, leave a product review here” or “If you are satisfied, click here. If you need help, click here.” Would also fall into the suspicious category and could get you in trouble with Bring Amazon.

  • Nothing valuable. The same old boring email that every other seller uses. (# 1)

If you buy a lot from Amazon (like me), the same emails with review requests are sent all the time. For the simple reason that people have become blind to them, they no longer produce results very well.

  • It’s all about you. (# 3)

This email is all about the seller. It says nothing more than give me, give me.

So, just something Can You do / say?

  • You can provide useful information that will improve the customer experience with your product.
  • You can offer help.

I recently (recently) checked on Amazon that the techniques we use in Marketing Words to email verification requests to our customers are still approved and legal. The idea is to offer something that is worth the customer’s time to read.

Let’s go back to the first email for the fridge / freezer baskets. This is actually a product that I bought. I immediately put several in my freezer (which is why I originally bought them) and the rest went to my scrap room, where they probably would have lived forever.

Then I read something online about using containers (similar to the ones I bought) in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets to store spices, makeup, or other items that are difficult to organize or find. The light bulb! Back up I went to the other bins so I could use them well.

What if the seller emailed me with this notice?

Hi there,

Congratulations on your purchase of the ABC Brand Refrigerator / Freezer Organization Bins! Did you know that these sturdy containers can be a godsend in any room in your home? Use them in:


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