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If there is ever a classic example of superior branding, it is Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Empire. The Virgin brand has been used in a variety of industries, from airlines to colas to spacecraft. It covers completely independent product categories in different countries. Nevertheless, the Virgin brand remains entirely unconventional.

The great fun of branding is the creativity that is required to make a consistent, yet fluid, statement.

Your brand can change as your business grows or changes direction. Excellent branding ensures that a stable brand statement is applied to constantly evolving consumer trends. A successful brand conveys sensitivity and, ideally, belonging to a certain “tribe”.

All companies need branding. However, as an e-commerce entrepreneur, the task can be daunting. How will you stand out from the millions of online businesses? How will you communicate your company’s brand values?

Here are six options build a brand on a budget. Tip: Don’t waste your money on logo t-shirts and branded tchotchkes.

Grab it with your brand voice

Who are you and what do you represent? These are the first questions that a prospect asks. When choosing between two options, most interested parties want to learn more about a brand. Authenticity is important.

How Ray Morejon writes in

The value of a great story cannot be quantified. If people are moved, inspired, or just curious about a story, they will continue to pay attention to you and also want to be part of your story.

What is your company history? What would you like to communicate when a customer selects your product or service? These are important considerations, but the results don’t have to be serious.

For example, Redneck bank, “Where banking is fun!”

The Redneck Bank goes all-in – or is it “wild”? – when it comes to their brand voice. You are deliberately stupid. Why not? As a pure internet bank, they are exposed to tough competition online. Which other bank presents its savings rate data with a fly on your screen?

Ask yourself how the brand of your online business can be different. Attention and rewards go to those who stand out. Find the level that suits your industry and your level of comfort.

Create a regular and consistent publishing schedule

The publication must be part of your marketing plan. Not all companies are media companies, but all companies have to use media strategically. “Publication” encompasses everything from the distribution of social media to the development and distribution of content.

Solo performers have a number of effective tools to create and Distribute content. Much can be achieved by spending little but investing time.

Here’s how:

  • Determine the needs and desires of your target customers.
  • Consider the voice of your brand. How will you convey to those specific people what you offer and what your brand represents?
  • Choose a marketing strategy that is most likely to reach and serve these people, e.g. B. a video series compared to an independent blog.
  • Focus your content development efforts here and plan a regularly scheduled release schedule.

A brand voice should remain consistent regardless of the marketing medium. The best brand voice develops through regular publication and distribution.

Look for earned media opportunities

Companies with tight advertising budgets – or without budgets – should invest time and effort in earned media.

Earned media are ads on a channel that is otherwise charged for advertising. Almost any media channel with a paid placement model can be “hacked” by focusing on gaining engagement. All this method requires is the time to present your company and the habit of handling every request quickly.

Take into account the media that your target customer is already consuming. Do they tend to consume new media (podcasts, blogs, digital magazines) or so-called old media (radio, print)?

Deserved media, works. Before participating in one Award management softwareI was a stationary business owner. A special coup was the writing of an article for a trade magazine. This led to an invitation to be a guest on a one-hour public radio episode. This in turn led to an additional regional radio transmission that I could not otherwise afford. The lesson? A low media exposure can lead to a higher media exposure.

First, subscribe to a free website like HARO (Help a reporter). Respond quickly to media inquiries. The best chance for placement is to share a story about human interest rather than a product conversation. It takes some time to land, but you never know where it will go!

Build a social community

Companies and their brands benefit from building a community.

There is one main reason for how to run in the 4 reasons why you need to start a social community to promote your business. This is because it is easy to get lost in a crowd. Most companies use the same playbook for steps one and two above and end up sounding the same.

A social community works when it provides real conversation and connection. Build a community based on common interests and benefit from unique voices. When you do this, a brand voice is naturally strengthened when like-minded people interact.

Social communities also offer some sales advantages. When people open up in a community, the company gets a better understanding of the motivations and needs of customers. This in turn provides insights into products and services.

Piggyback on competitive success

Larger, more established competitors have already done a lot of homework for you.

Some of these efforts are too costly to emulate. However from Study your competitors You can derive some of their considerations and determine where you can compete. Do not try to copy directly, but find the unique attitude of your brand.

Some ways to be successful online:

  • Choose similar brand awareness tactics, e.g. B. targeted Instagram posts
  • Bid on the same (or similar) keywords in advertising campaigns
  • Research into packaging, shipping, or shipping methods (all of which play a role in brand perception of physical goods)
  • Insert yourself into relevant conversations (choose carefully)

Strengthen brand enthusiasts

Good old WOD (Word of mouth) is a gold mine for brands.

Building a brand reputation through word of mouth requires continuous effort. Start with the things you can control. The greatest of these is the quality of your product / service. Deliver this and brand evangelists will appear over time.

When you identify your best supporters, you should reward them. Entrepreneurs often equate “reward” with “discount”. This is a mistake because your best customers can be your most profitable.

Instead, create a formal method to recognize enthusiasts. Acknowledgment is a long way. Special privileges, referral programs, early access and / or public awards help make your brand popular with the best supporters.

Creative branding hits big budgets

Small budgets won’t stop a determined company.

By working within the limits of the tax restriction, you open up creative solutions. Don’t be afraid to get noticed.

Create a system that ensures continuous publication so that you are always visible. Be up to date and invest time to get well-deserved media coverage. Build a social community that delivers value. Review your competitor’s efforts and find out how to compete. Reward your best supporters in a non-monetary but emotionally rewarding way.

Your results will be a more compelling, real and successful brand. Come on!

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