What’s going through your mind? (Part 2) Spirtuality

What's going through your mind?

I feel this issue
deserves more attention. What’s going through your mind?

If I fail
I ask myself this question, what’s going on
through your mind?

I am focused on mine
Goal or my attention is diverted to something else?

When the mind is focused
There is nothing on the goal that can prevent you from reaching your goal. No
No matter what obstacles you encounter on your way, you have to achieve your goals

If life is not
When you go your way, ask yourself this question: What is going through your mind?

Are you positive about
Your goals or the success you absolutely want to achieve or something else
captured your mind

A person’s greatest strength is self-reflection. If you can see through your head, you can know what to expect in the outside world.

Zen as F * ck

When your mind is absolutely clear about what you really want in your life, you are determined to achieve your goal.

The problem always
is in you and the solution too. Just remove the problems from your life,
and the solution comes to the surface.

Don’t be the victim of
Life prefers to take control of your life and make corrections. I
I can assure you that we all have our mistakes and more fixes that we make in our day
In everyday life we ​​generate more power from within.

You have to be aware of it
Your inner activity. Your inner activities create your outer activities. It is
your inner life that attracts your outer life.

If you feel weak or
Lose hope, be aware of your inner world. Just become an observer of yours
inner world. If you become aware of inner life, you will find out
Correlation with the life that exists outside.

Life as a whole
can be best understood by living inside out.

When you become aware
In your inner world you notice the subtle mistakes that are otherwise ignored.
These are the little flaws that make our lives miserable. These are the shortcomings
that pulls us down. When we correct our inner mistakes, joy and happiness flow
through our lives.

Remember how pain and
Suffering seems to be an endless process, as is the flow of joy and happiness. All
You just have to remove the obstacles to pain and suffering.

If you look inside, you will see what your mind is thinking all the time.

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You want to go
East, but your mind thinks of the west. There is a contradiction in
your life. These contradictions do not allow you to live a full life.

Your body, mind and
Your goal should follow in the correct order. If everything flows in one direction, you can
achieve what you want in life. If your goal is something else and yours
The mind moves in a different direction than you only encounter obstacles
your way.

The outer life is
full of attraction. The mind becomes involved in everyday attraction.

When you become aware
They also notice where the mind is distracted.

As soon as you become
If you are aware of your distraction, you can get it back to your destination. This requires
practice and it has to be done over and over again.

The mind will deviate
but your consciousness will get it back on track.

With the awareness
You will find out what is really important in your life and what is the matter
that just uses up your energy?

The mind thinks
unnecessary thoughts if you are not aware of it. The problem with that
unnecessary thoughts are that it is consuming your time and energy. Not only that, it
distract you from your goals and purpose in life.

When you become aware of what comes to mind, you develop a certain level of clarity in your life. You will be sure of what you really want and you will put all your energy into it.

The problems and situations are part of life. If you don’t exercise self-confidence, it will be easy to get carried away and deviate from the real meaning of life. At the same time, if you are aware at the moment, no matter what situation, focus on the path and move forward in your life.

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Life always comes along
a clue to push things forward. If you live with consciousness at the moment
You choose the clue and advance life. Every day is an opportunity to do
most of it. Every day carries its joy with it. If you are present at the moment,
You can choose your joy and extend it throughout your day.

You can only do that
Justice on the day when you express your full potential. If part of
You treat yourself to a little less desire that you will never give to your hundreds
Percent to life.

I realized about
the time when it’s me that misses life All the improvement and
Correction is necessary in me. I have to and should take responsibility for my life
Work on yourself to make the necessary corrections to advance life.

Life can move in one
repeated circle if you are not aware of it. Your consciousness in the
Moment serves you to make a leap in your life.

Be aware of your inner self
World and at the same time; Take care of outside activities. Do not allow
anything that doesn’t serve you to go in and be very careful with yours
every choice and decision of your life.

Keep more of yours
Keep your mind clean and be aware of it, the better you will have the external experiences
of life. It all comes down to the awareness you hold and right now
what you allow and negate in your daily life. These are the little things
on an everyday basis that defines your life in the long run.

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