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As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak develops, the government encourages people to distance themselves socially and recommends them to work from home. But what does that mean for your company?

In this article, we’ll look at the steps you can take to help your employees work remotely so your business works as well as possible.

What did the government say?

At the time of publication, the UK government recommends that:

  • Not essential use of public transport
  • If possible, work from home
  • Avoid mass gatherings and public spaces
  • Avoid meeting friends and family

Meanwhile, Schools across the UK are closed for the foreseeable future on March 20, which will affect your employees who are parents.

Depending on your company, it may not be possible for all employees to work from home, especially if your company is part of the hospitality, retail and leisure sectors, for example.

However, if this is possible (at least for some of your employees), your company can take steps to ensure that moving out of your home helps your company avoid a slowdown.

Why working from home can keep your business moving

If your employees work from home (or remotely), your company can continue to function. Your payroll team can keep an eye on daily needs and ensure that your employees are paid on time.

Your finance team can monitor cash flow and ensure that bills are tracked and paid so you can keep track of your business finances.

And your sales and marketing teams can continue to work, so you can reach your existing customers and customers and keep working to find new customers.

By taking action to help your employees work from home, you are helping your company keep moving. And for employees who cannot work remotely, it is important that they are treated equally.

What employers can do to help workers work from home

There are a number of ways that you can help your employees work from home. In some cases, you may have a number of employees who are already working remotely.

But for those who haven’t experienced it yet, it can be a big change. Here are five things you can do to keep things running smoothly.

1. Use a work-from-home strategy

By implementing a work-from-home strategy, you can ensure that your employees can continue to work if necessary.

This can include working with your IT team to ensure that your employees have the devices they can use to work remotely, such as: B. the right hardware and software. Clarity about working hours and tasks as well as regular communication between managers and teams.

Part of your company’s work-from-home strategy could be to introduce cloud computing.

If you stored your data in the cloud and not on individual devices, this means that information can be accessed as long as your employees are connected to the Internet. With the introduction of cloud computing, your teams can work anytime, anywhere.

2. Make sure that you give your employees the right tools

If your employees want to continue working, they need access to the right technology. Access to laptops and tablets, as well as work phones, if they are present and in use, will help them to continue to work.

If there is no availability for the use of work tools, it is worth checking programs that you can access with your own home devices.

With the help of cloud solutions such as Google Drive and Dropbox, they can access the necessary documents. And of course an adequate internet connection is required.

Work with your IT team to ensure that the right security measures are in place to share potentially sensitive business data.

3. Use virtual meetings with travel restrictions in mind

Since the government advises against non-essential trips abroad, the travel days for customers and customers abroad should be interrupted for the time being.

While this is impractical, it doesn’t have to slow down your business. Technology can also play a role here.

By using solutions that encourage remote working, your employees can hold virtual meetings.

Using Microsoft Teams or Skype, your employees can connect with customers and customers to keep your business moving.

4. Help employees keep to their working hours

Working from home is associated with considerable challenges. However, the working hours should be emphasized.

It is too easy for your employees to feel that they should continue working beyond their normal working hours. If the workplace structure is not in place, some employees can work longer than they have to (and should).

Talk to your employees and give them the opportunity to meet their contractually agreed working hours and offer them flexibility if necessary. You may need to help a family member shop and want to catch up on time later in the day.

The last thing you want your employees to do is start working at dawn and work as a soldier until the end of the day, as there is no one who says, “Go home.”

5. Encourage your employees to take breaks from their screens

In line with the above point, the well-being of employees is an important aspect when people work from home.

As with working in an office environment, it can be too easy for your employees to get on at the start of the day and sit at their desks at home until then.

Encourage your employees to take breaks from their screens regularly, even if it’s a short break, so they can stretch out and rest their eyes. The same applies to a lunch break – it is easy to continue working without colleagues.

However, a break for lunch (away from work) means that your employees are refreshed and ready to do the tasks at hand.

Conclusion on working from home

While things remain uncertain during the Corona virus outbreak, it’s important to keep your business moving – for your customers and customers as well as your employees.

Keeping track of cash flow and generating revenue will be a challenge. However, if you do everything to keep things going, you are giving your company the best chance of continuing to function.

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