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IdealEstate – a Salt Lake City-based Pinterest-inspired home curator tool – is now recognizing its capabilities as an agent recruitment tool and leveraging a nationwide network of more than 800,000 agent users.

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IdealEstate built what it calls “the best of LinkedIn but for real estate.”

Is already called a Pinterest-inspiredIdealEstate, Home Search, web app for searching and curating collections of available houses, has almost no comparisons with social networks.

The Website launched in 2017 This is a way for agents to see, by invitation only, what buyers were interested in when putting together real estate boards. Agents could also share recommendations across national markets.

There is currently a slight shift to the recruitment area, mainly depending on how quickly the referral networks have grown.

“We didn’t plan that,” said founder Brody Saunders of his Salt Lake City-based Proptech. “It just happened when we noticed that eXp agents are reporting on the search for new team members.”

IdealEstate also acts as a national MLS and has over 800,000 agents in its ranks. However, Saunders estimates that about half of their entries are updated regularly.

Still, this type of user volume can bring tremendous benefits to a Wisconsin agent who wants to help his retired client find a Florida condo. It also helps team leaders and brokers find agents who want to switch brands.

EXp that works virtuallyenables building teams across national borders. For this reason, IdealEstate has become a great platform for fast, office-free switching.

“We also have some Keller Williams agents using it, but mostly to find existing agents in their market center,” said Saunders. Really Agents and EXIT Realty Teams are also among the IdealEstate users.

Like LinkedIn, agents can build very deep professional networks, up to tens of thousands of other IdealEstate users.

However, the number of direct connections is typically much less. Networks can include industry providers such as mortgage brokers and inspectors.

Every need sent is sent to the agent’s entire network, not just direct connections. The larger the network, the more responses a user normally sees.

IdealEstate also automates the process and provides the landlord with suggestions based on location and sales balance, etc.

“I didn’t want to develop another lead gene tool that agents could use to learn to fear other agents,” said Saunders. “The point is that they work together, from recommendations to recruitment, and a nationwide property search helps.”

Multiple listing services are based on the idea of ​​collaboration between agents. However, Saunders believes that companies like Zillow have turned agents into competitors rather than teammates.

Saunders sees no value in competing with a group of agents for the same 50 leads when customers of other agents are usually already qualified.

When recruiting, Saunders sees that his company solves five of its biggest challenges.

“First, to find people who want to go, and second, to easily evaluate them,” he said.

IdealEstate’s agent profiles include sales histories and performance. The communication tools enable fast, pre-defined messaging or complete customization.

“No. 3 actively communicates with them; the fourth is maintaining a steady talent pipeline, and five do it inexpensively.”

With a monthly price of $ 39, IdealEstate can usually post returns after a new team member’s first deal.

Saunders said his website has visited more than 6.5 million consumers in the past year.

In 2019, the company received an investment from Accel and its co-founder Jim Swartz, the first investor in Facebook. The fund has also supported Spotify, Dropbox, Venmo, Slack, Atlassian and Qualtric, among others.

I believe that more agents will assess their brokerage situation in times of market uncertainty, especially if they think a new brand can help them recover faster or if their current location is not responding adequately to the slowdown in the corona virus. If I’m right, tools like IdealEstate and its inspiration for recruitment are becoming increasingly popular.

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