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Over the past few months, we’ve all seen how people’s response to the Covid 19 pandemic has changed. My concern is how this affects companies, individuals and their careers. The economic impact is huge and the world is in suspense as we watch the coronavirus spread from country to country.

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As more and more people work from home due to necessity, many are afraid of what this means for their careers, their future jobs and the way the world of work is changing.

So many feel isolated in their homes, and now experts are talking about the psychological effects of self-quarantine, knowing that self-isolation can lead to anxiety, PTSD (post-traumatic stress), depression, and even public anger …

Behavioral researchers advise on the effects of the coronavirus during self-isolation

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Experts are studying the role of psychology in public responses to the idea of ​​quarantine

While epidemiologists work around the clock to calculate Covid-19’s mortality rate, its ease of transmission, and other key statistics, another group of experts questions the role that human psychology could play in the development of the pandemic.

The government’s new measures, the experts said, took these behavioral factors into account, such as the potential for “fatigue” – the idea that public compliance with quarantines could wear off over time.

The implicit logic was that less public demand this week can result in better regulatory compliance when it matters most. Factors such as the potential for loneliness and stress per se were also taken into account.

Prof. Susan Michie, director of the Center for Behavior Change at University College London and member of the government advisory group, the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group for Behavioral Research, said these assumptions were based in part on observations of human behavior during past pandemics

The research included a quick review published in the lancet last month on the psychological impact of quarantine, which has been identified as self-isolation leading to post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, and public anger.

Unspecified quarantines without a well-defined endpoint – such as those imposed at Wuhan – could have the most negative side effects, the paper suggested, and recommended that the quarantines be kept to the shortest possible time and that the public be given clear reasons for such measures.

Other influential research contains an article by the Economic and Social Research Institute in Dublin on the use of behavioral research to combat the corona virus. It turned out that extending isolation times beyond the original proposals risk demoralizing people and increasing non-compliance. “So clarity and security are important when it comes to schedules,” the paper concluded. questions and answers

How can I protect myself against the outbreak of the corona virus?

The term “fatigue” evokes middle-class victims feeling like they are cramped at home and unable to visit friends or shops. For some, however, there are harsher realities that make it difficult to comply with extensive social distancing measures, such as in Italy. It is therefore vital to provide practical community-level support and to get people interested in public health counseling.

“Financially, there are so many communities on the fringes that may not have enough food and whose houses are cold. I really haven’t heard enough detailed plans about it, ”said Michie.

According to Michie, governments often use what is called “labeled” COM-B model the behavior change that states that in order to achieve a certain desired behavior, people must have the necessary skills, opportunities and motivation (COM).

“If you can’t check all three, the behavior won’t happen.”

Professor MIchie

The three essential components can also be combined, she said. “People will accept to lose things and make sacrifices if there is justice. People need adequate sickness benefits from day one, otherwise inequalities could increase and we would like them to be reduced so that people feel have that we’re all together. “

In order to assess public opinion in the current pandemic, the Ministry of Health conducted weekly surveys in which attitudes and awareness were examined with the involvement of behavioral and psychologists. “That flows into the government [decisions]”She said.” The surveys show that some people are concerned, but others are not so concerned and do not change their behavior. There is a real mix out there. “

Against the background of public ambivalence, the expectation that people will retreat to longer quarantines may prove ineffective. “The more concerned you are, the more likely you are to stick to it,” Michie said. “If a large part of the population is not so worried and you ask people to sacrifice quite a bit, it is not so effective if these two things go well together.”

The government may also consider spontaneous changes in behavior, e.g. B. Companies that allow people to work from home without government intervention.

“We have initiated changes at many different levels of society,” said Michie. “It’s great because we’re going to move as a whole. If you take a top-down approach, you can build resentment and lose people.”

Michie said that although she knew some psychological evidence that was likely to have influenced government decisions, she and others would want more transparency about the evidence base.

“It would be very helpful if you could explain why we are no longer on the way to cancel big events and so on,” she said. “We know that transparency is really important for trust. And trust is really important for compliance. “

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