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The kitchen master | March 19, 2020

If you are a member of today’s growing number of homeworkers, be it full-time or a few days a week, you may have thought of remodeling the home office. Now it’s time to be proactive and solve all of your home office problems with a new, custom home office remodel or redesign.

How to solve home office frustrations: remodeling with experienced, customer-oriented local experts

You may have difficulty using an extra bedroom, loft, garage, or even a closet as a work area. Imagine how your working days could be much easier, more productive, and more fun with a redesigned and built (or redesigned and redesigned) home office. With years of experience and satisfied customers, The Kitchen Master is ready to help.

Work with an experienced remodeling company here in Naperville to help you plan and build your custom home office. Contact The kitchen master online or call (630) 369-0500 today!

First, consider the scope of the renovation for your home office

Home office remodeling options include:

Existing redesign of the home office: Even if you are satisfied with the space and location of your existing home office, you may want to redesign and configure the room. Remodeling and upgrading your current home office can include installing windows, creating built-in shelves, or even adding a private bathroom to better suit your specific job and work style.

Home remodeling to create a home office: Alternatively, could be an experienced and creative remodeler reuse a room, B. Your guest room or dining room or exit your basement to create your new home office.

Learn more about your home office remodeling options. Contact your Naperville remodeler at The kitchen master. Call (630) 369-0500 Today!

Step by step renovation of the home office: how to plan your project

Here are our top tips for planning your ideal home office renovation. As experienced Naperville conversion specialists, we are here to offer complete conversion services, from the overall concept to the smallest construction detail.

Identify your priorities and help plan your new home office working through these steps:

1. Setting priorities and spatial planning: How exactly will you use the home work area on a typical day? Think about how much space you need for comfort, as well as computers, desks, work tables, computers, other office equipment or tools, furniture and storage space. Our team can help you find a balance between the space available in your home and your professional needs and priorities.

2. Budget considerations: Are you ready to do everything possible to promote your business with a fully customized home work area? Do you simply want to make your current home office more functional and comfortable? Regardless of whether your budget for remodeling your home office is large or small, you will almost immediately get a return on your investment that results from higher value, comfort and work productivity for your home.

3.Determine resting and data protection needs: If possible, place your office in a somewhat remote area of ​​the house. If this is not practical in your home layout, you should use sound-absorbing curtains, wall insulation and / or a white noise app to help you concentrate better.

4. Planning for proper storage: Special attention to storage design is crucial to avoid future clutter in your home office and to ensure that everything is nearby when you need it. Custom home office storage solutions can include items such as a wall-mounted desk, built-in bookcase with built-in desk, work tables with shelves underneath, perfectly sized storage boxes and / or impressive custom home office cabinets.

5. Consideration of lighting requirements: Natural light (a window or slider) is ideal. You can also use bright daylight lamps and work lights to avoid glare and eye strain.

6. Include decor and style: Choose colors and finishes that soothe and energize you so you can work almost effortlessly. Look at a wall or cupboards in the wall color to achieve an optimized appearance that visually enlarges your home office area.

7. For it to happen …

Let the experts for the remodeling of the home office in Naperville create your dream office with a custom remodeling. Contact The kitchen master online or call (630) 369-0500 today!

Sources of supply for the remodeling of a home office in Naperville, IL

Our creative and dedicated team for home remodeling focuses entirely on customer satisfaction. Just let us know your goals for your dream office with thousands of renovation projects – we make it possible!

As soon as the design has been approved, we will carry out your renovation quickly, in an organized and efficient manner and ensure that the work area remains clean throughout. Our goal is to provide an attractive, well thought-out and functional home office remodeling that perfectly matches your requirements.

Trust The Kitchen Master for the best home office remodeling experience. Contact us online or call (630) 369-0500 now.

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