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Why should you seriously consider hiring a night nurse, also known as a night girl, to take care of your newborn? All your questions answered.

“We say a village is needed, but what exactly that looks like and where these supporters come from can be a major challenge for many new parents,” says Maria Robertson, a former nurse and founder of The New Mummy Company, an agency that provides prenatal and postpartum support services in several major cities across the country. For a variety of reasons, some of them this village Help may have to be hired, she says. A night nurse can offer parents invaluable support and the much needed sleep.

What is a night nurse?

Night nurses are also known as newborn care specialists or baby nurses and are care providers who are hired for baby care. “‘Night nurse’ is just an old term that’s used a lot,” says Stefanie Antunes, founder of Discover Birth, a Doula agency in Toronto that offers a range of services, including overnight support.

They are usually night nurses trained in CPR, Infant care, feeding (sometimes they are also trained lactation consultants) and managing the needs of premature babies and babies with certain diseases. They can be labeled with a range of accredited names, from doula to nurse, and they usually work at night and take care of the baby while the parents get the much needed rest.

What do night sisters do?

The exact parameters of this care are determined in advance with the parents (usually during the interview and placement process) and can vary from family to family. In general, the night nurse’s duties include everything from changing diapers to walking with the baby on the floor to managing night feeding. For a mother who Breastfeeding Only a night nurse can take the baby to the mother at certain times and take it with him so that he burps, changes clothes and falls asleep again. A night nurse can also set up and clean breast pumps, if Mom pumps or prepare the formula and feed the baby when it is fed only the formula. Night nurses also provide important information on infant care for first parents, from bathing newborns to curing diaper rashes to correcting reflux problems.

What they won’t do is do a lot of housekeeping – at least not at night. However, many baby nannies also work during the day when you need an extra hand around the clock. “During the day, they’ll cook, tidy up and help in the house,” says Antunes. “At night, they usually only take care of the baby because the parents are supposed to sleep.”

Although night nurses are often introduced in the newborn weeks – often booked for that the first six or eight weeksWhen the mother recovers from birth complications and the baby’s needs are greatest, they can persist through toddlerhood. If the mother becomes pregnant with the second or third baby or the other parent is away on business, a family can book a night nurse continuously for a few nights a week or on the schedule of the traveling parent.

What does a night nurse cost?

Hourly rates average $ 35 an hour or $ 280 a night, depending on experience. Postpartum doula is likely to cost less than a nurse or an internationally trained pediatrician. (Some services employ physicians who have extensive baby care experience but cannot practice medicine in Canada.)

Some services require several weeks’ commitment, while others are more flexible. “We worked from one night for a family where the father had the flu to two years,” says Robertson. A full night shift from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. is standard. (You can’t ask your nanny to show up just a few hours to cover the graveyard feedings.)

Experts say it’s best to research and book the nightmaid services near you before your small package arrives to make sure you get a good match. (Most agencies offer free review and interview services.) “Our agency has been well booked for a year,” says Antunes. “Parents have to do this long before their baby is born to reserve someone for their needs.”

Is a night nurse right for us?

Typical customers are families with a parent who travels a lot for work, couples with multiple children, and families who live far from their extended family or support network, says Robertson. But it’s not just first parents who use the services of night sisters. “We get calls from many parents who are expecting their second baby,” says Robertson. “They already have a busy toddler at home and are wondering how they will be able to get up with a newborn at night while keeping up with the older child during the day.”

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a night nurse is the following Parents get the sleep they need for a full postpartum recovery. “This is particularly important for people who suffer from mental health problems because sleep correlates with well-being,” says Antunes. (Studies show that prolonged sleep deprivation increases the risk of an otherwise healthy young mother for postpartum depression.)

“There is someone there who encourages you to rest and take care of you, but also takes excellent care of your baby,” says Robertson. This way, you can be the best version of yourself to be a parent the next day.

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