Consulting for virtual interior design, how-to Interior Design

Consulting for virtual interior design, how-to

We practically do so much of what we do at Down2Earth Interior Design. We have phone calls to review our schematic plans, and we email moodboards and interesting links to our customers to submit our design suggestions. But there are parts where we have always insisted that the personal touch is best. The first customer meeting has always been part of our design process, which I thought was important to carry out personally. During the meeting we get to know the design goals of our customers in a personal conversation, see how spaces flow into each other, understand the natural lighting conditions and take on dimensions. All of these things are more difficult to do from a distance, but desperate times require desperate action. In the age of COVID-19 we realized that the structure of our typical initial consultation has to be innovative. The following guidelines provide details of the plan we are working on so that we can achieve much of what we normally do face to face while adhering to the social distance guidelines. Please note that this virtual design option may remain a service that we continue to offer after the end of this crisis. The following resources will help you provide the information we need to successfully merge.

How to prepare an idea book:

  • Collect inspiring images: create a physical collection in a folder or folder, or create a Houzz album or Pinterest board. If you are using Pinterest, make sure your board contains some images for the whole room as we want to understand the general mood you are looking for and not just certain elements that will attract you.
  • Prepare some notes on goals and ideas for the room.
  • Think about your daily lifestyle and how you will use the space realistically. We strive to be your creative channel. We want to make sure that we take into account your daily activities in the room.

Here are examples of well done homework. If customers are able to put together some visual representations of their style goals and existing conditions, the best way to maximize the effectiveness of our time together during a design consultation. Before the virtual consultation, please send your designer an email with a link to your idea book.

Photos collected by creating a Houzz idea book or Pinterest board.

Houzz Ideabook example:

Pinterest board examples:

Photos of the room you want to focus on (along with any renderings, if available). Please scan them, there are scanner apps if you have Dropbox which is great for scanning paper documents. Or just take a picture with your mobile device.

Inspirational images

Existing furniture that you want to keep and incorporate into the design with dimensions

You can also use Google Slides. This is a presentation app that is similar to PowerPoint, but you can work with it from your phone or computer. You can share with others who can help design / inspire your space. Updates are done in real time and it’s easy to switch from working on your phone to your laptop or desktop. You can even share your presentation with down2earth by sending it to [email protected]

How to document existing furniture:

  • Photos and dimensions.
  • Manufacturer’s name, if known. We recommend that you keep all manufacturer information (along with the original order information) in a safe place in case you need to use it. If you have this information, please let us know as it will help compare your measurements with the manufacturer’s measurements, if available.

How to document your room:

  • Don’t forget: walls are thick. Usually this is 5 “.
  • Where is north
  • What dimensions do we need?
  • Start with the height as you can easily forget this. Ceiling, door heights, windowsill and window height.
  • Then go around the perimeter.
  • Check this with an overall width and length.
  • Measure the inner panel to the inner panel.
  • Scan and send to us. We’ll go into CAD and send you back a scaled plan and relevant views that you should compare again with your field conditions.

Thank you for working creatively with down2earth interior design so that you can still have an effective first consultation for interior design during this time!

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