At home with the children with Pam and Anna Unschooling

For all parents who are at home with the children in these uncertain times, Anna Brown and I are immersed in the value of using this time to use and strengthen our relationships with our children, tips on how to deal with sibling conflicts and some Ideas to get your brainstorm juices flowing for fun things to do at home!

Discussion topics

  • Acknowledge the challenge and stress of these uncertain times
  • Embrace relationships to be “productive”
  • Let children be themselves
  • Navigate sibling conflicts
  • Brainstorm at home!

Links mentioned below

A large Facebook thread for things you can see / do online, aimed at parents working from home with their children at home (created by Jen Keefe, who was on the podcast in episode 188)

Kim & Jason Kotecki (who recently podcasted episode 217), founder of Escape Adulthood, encourage people to stay calm and be optimistic. They offer a free download of their book, A chance from Awesometo hold virtual coffee appointments every day of the week and keep their posts up to date, The good fight with all links.

Sue Patterson from UnschoolingMom2Mom has a helpful post Corona virus has made us homeschoolers – what now? Sue was on the podcast several times.

Roya Dedeaux (who was on the podcast in episode 24) is active in MOB Nation (Mom-Owned Businesses). To help small businesses with all of this social isolation, all March meetups have been moved to virtual meetups. You can Check them out hereand she gave us a password for $ 5 off a Meetup event ticket: forevercurious5

Speaking of brainstorming, here’s a fun list: 100 things to do while stuck inside due to a pandemic

Anna joined me in episode 7 to delve deeply into parenting!

Episode log

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