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A group of women in technology joined forces to highlight gender inequality in the technology world for the #SheTransformsTech social media campaign.

New York-based advertising agency Fancy mobilized its network of creative women who used their talents and time to support World Pulse, a social network that connects women worldwide for change.

Fancy launched the #SheTransformsTech campaign to publicize global inequalities in all aspects of technology, from development to access. The focus of the campaign is a crowdsourcing video in which World Pulse members from all over the world share their relationship with the technology via personal, self-filmed videos.

Women from the U.S., Canada, Nigeria, Cameroon, India, Pakistan, Tanzania, and the Philippines are highlighted when they talk about how the tech world is geared towards men, including the fact that platforms are designed primarily by and for men and most of these don’t take into account women’s safety.

The video includes facts about the global state of women and technology and how these women and the World Pulse community are actively working to improve existing statistics and create a level playing field for all people who have access to technology. It is carried out in all World Pulse social media profiles with the hashtag #SheTransformsTech.

The campaign will culminate in a formal report presented to technology leaders, policy makers and the United Nations as part of the review process of the Beijing +25 women’s rights platform to ensure that women now have a voice in global technology talks.

“With #SheTransformsTech, we can accelerate women’s global progress and drive an increase in women’s collective power that is activated by technology and grassroots representation in communities around the world,” said Jensine Larsen, founder and CEO of World Pulse.

“In 10 years, we will look back at the 2020s as a turning point in gender equality. It is time for women-led initiatives to show an alternative path to the great technology empires and transform the technology industry for gender equality.”

The campaign is supported by a cross-sector coalition of partners for digital rights and women’s rights.

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