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We are the lifeboat that lifts others. We must keep this lifeboat healthy, spiritually rich, and wise with the inner wisdom of our intuitive and collective hearts.

I create a space in myself, in my mind, to keep love, not fear, creativity, not despair, manifestation of the good, not withdrawing from the powerful forces of change and transition through damage and destruction that wreak havoc everywhere.

The fires, the floods, the earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, and tornadoes are not just the change and transition that Mother Earth itself expresses – as difficult as it may be for us to understand – they can be viewed as our planet release buttons for survival.

If there is too much pressure on the earth, it erupts in volcanoes or cracks occur during earthquakes.

And now, of course, this terrible coronavirus COVID-19

People are suffering and afraid, our government is finally believing and acting, but the delays have given us valuable organization, testing, and manufacturing viable test kits.

It is heartbreaking to see the illness and loss of so many people around the world.
Raise your hearts and send precious love, light, and compassionate and healing prayers for everyone.

We are in self-isolation and social distance due to our age and underlying autoimmune diseases, but we try to focus on the family and stay in touch through the blessings of our technological age.

Every day is a gift, every moment that we have to cherish with our loved ones who take care of ourselves, our pets and long distance calls with children and grandchildren.

If there is too much pressure in us, we can break out. And the damage we can do to others can be emotionally as great as volcanoes and earthquakes physically.

If we see Mother Earth as Gaia … a living breathing being with her trees and plants as lungs, if you will, Gaia loses her breath, just as we are through the smoke or fear that follows, we lose ours.

But in this process of death and destruction, there is still an opening in our world and belief for the transition and archetypal awareness and ascent of the human soul from one of the innate and deep genetic darkness that has prevailed over time – until one of the full growth of the innate potential of the soul to do and be pure goodness.

It first gives us the opportunity to see everything we don’t want, want or do, and then the endless possibilities of our combined thoughts about what we want our world to be.

It can happen in an instant … because there are endless ways to get results from an action or even a reaction.

Fate can hang and immediately
Fate can be changed immediately.

My tutorial on making prayer flags

We listen to our gut feelings, we listen to our hearts beating together, and we listen to the still soft voice that urges us to be and do good and not sinful. Because sin is really an ancient term for archery, which means “miss the target”.

I remember … over and over again … how resilient the human mind is.

I remember how patterns in nature, time and history balance the yin and yang of change and transition to restore harmony both from the inside and outside.

Even in times when our beautiful country is damaged, when smoke clogs the sky or fear clogs our lungs, we can put on our face masks, go out into our world and be good and do good to others through our own positive thoughts. our own belief that this will also end and one day things will get better.

And yes, there will be losses.
Over time, through the coming decades of climate change, the additional contagion and all of the things related to it – massive, massive loss.

Loss of arable land and thus life-sustaining land and loss of the beauty of nature and our beloved animals and trees and flowers.

I mourn the many losses that will come now and in the future. Loss of hope, faith and worst of all love and charity.

But for now; Love, hope and charity arise to lead the endless struggle for survival. And we will survive.

Love, hope and charity rise when we look at the dreamers and see them as we see our own children, because we all have dreams

Love, hope and charity rise as the flood rises, the wild fires destroy, the floods flood the land as Mother Earth cries for our separation from love. We rush to help others as if they were our own – because they are.

Good people help the needy. Younger people turn to older people in places like Reno and Las Vegas and are already shopping because the virus keeps them 6 minutes apart. They bring your appreciation and care together

And we feel and express gratitude with our gifts of the Spirit, with our hands and with our hearts.

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And for them, our children and our grandchildren and God / goodness, our great and great great grandchildren on and on grandchildren.

We have to act with the money and the bare essentials for the good of all and not the good of the few elites, to give them a nose and to push the rest of us with threats from their atomic buttons.

We are all connected.
We are all part of each other.
My microscopic atoms fuse with yours like stars in the cosmos.

The pain I feel is my pain, your pain, all pain.

The polluted air I breathe becomes the polluted air and the bad breath of you. Your virus spreads almost immediately and can become my own.

What we do, what we say, how we hurt someone we say, do, and hurt countless others, including ourselves.

When we drop a bomb on a land, we feel the effects and loss of consciousness and love.

We are perpetrators and victims.
The winds of time and change merge into one – and so do we.

There is a purpose in heaven for all of this. It doesn’t have to be ours to understand it, but there it is.
And part of it is the destruction of the old to make room for the new.

As someone who is old … that gives me a break. But I am more than ready to go through everything I have to do, hoping that one day heaven on earth will become possible and that a newer, friendlier, more caring and loving world could exist.

“Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of the world. All things break. And all things can be repaired. Not with time, as they say, but on purpose. So go. Love deliberately, extravagantly, unconditionally. The broken world is waiting for darkness for the light that you are. “

L. R. Knost

But I’m so sad that it had to happen. That the years and decades to come can be a big challenge for all of us. But still full of purpose and hope for most of us.

I rage, I mourn, I mourn – and then I put my face mask on and talk to my cat and chickens.

I stand in the midst of the incredible green grass and the plants and leaves of our early spring or the golden forest of my sunflowers in the summer, which radiate love and hope and an unshakable determination to grow – not only where they are planted, but through themselves sow grace of the wind and its travelers, the birds that spread messages of hope, peace and rebirth.

I walk through the snow-covered lawns, forests and fields of winter and look for signs of tiny buds that appear on the limbs, bulbs in the winter soil that rise through the mud and snow to new hopes, new times, new days whom we are really talking to and do not only care about ourselves, our way of life, our own income or our talents or skills.

Because in my heart I know that we have to take care of each other, how we take care of ourselves.

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So I remember beauty, and I remember hope, and I remember kindness and compassion, and most importantly, I remember how love is balm and hope and promise.

We do what we can if we can
Spread joy, give gifts from our heart and hands and then we do the same for ourselves.

To be creative means to be in love with life.

You can only be creative if you love life so much that you want to improve its beauty.

If you want to make a little more music

a little bit more poetry

dance a little bit more.

~ Osho

How do we choose to feel peace, make peace, be peace in our own hearts?
It starts with each of us as an individual, every moment of every day.

And it’s not easy, but we can do it.

Read this wonderful prose poem:

By Clarissa Pinkola Estes

It can only give you the strength and understanding to face life’s difficult challenges now and come in the coming days.

For many of us, we sew or we have discovered that sewing or quilting or handicrafts – or art or writing or poetry or other passions – is like praying.

We go into the deepest focus, the zone of creativity, and become one in both the manifest and the unmanifest … and we do and we do good things.

“Sewing means praying. Men don’t understand that.

You see the whole thing but you don’t see the stitches.

You don’t see the Creator’s speech in the work of the needle.

We heal. We women turn things upside down and correct them.

We save what we can from human clothing and cut the rest into blankets.

Sometimes our stitches stutter and are slow.

Only a woman’s eyes can tell.

In other cases, the tension in the stitches may be too high due to tears, but only we know what emotions have gone into the making.

Only women can hear prayer. “

Louise Erdrich

Four souls

It’s all in our mindset. And it starts with each of us. It is not always easy and we do it the way we do all things.

If there is to be peace in the world, there must be peace in you.
We are all connected and this world is one.

“R.efuse fall.
If you can’t refuse to fall off,
refuse to stay down.

If you can’t refuse to stay down
Raise your heart to heaven
and like a hungry beggar,
ask that it be filled,
and it is filled.

They can be pushed down.
You can be prevented from getting up.
But nobody can keep you
from lifting your heart
towards heaven –
only you.

It is in the middle of misery
that becomes so clear.
The one who says nothing good
came from
don’t listen yet.

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés ~

Excerpt from The Faithful Gardener: A wise story about what can never die

Let go of this control.
It is not from God / good.
It is not of the devil / evil. It’s just like that.
Let it go and be good in your heart
In your love, in your care for everyone else
and start today.

And remember, you are at war within yourself to feel the war outside of you.

So, often that’s the catalyst that starts the war … that day … when you’re working on yourself.

Do not be dismayed. Go into the loving flow of kindness and be the higher you want to project into the world.

Regardless of your beliefs, you know this core truth. You want to be a beacon of love for yourself and within yourself so that you can direct this light outwards to “others” and the world

Peace in your heart creates peace in your world. And that is the goal of your soul – to create that peace by doing and that is what you are called to do – wherever you are, at whatever level you learn.

You are surrounded by loving helpers and we are all there for you.

And if it’s too intense,
when fear threatens to push the boundaries of faith, hope and charity – and in fear and chaos –
I go to my own heart and focus on a deeply meditative, praying and spiritual way of doing the things that bring me peace.

I go into the most basic elements of heart and home and gifts of the Spirit and find peace in my day.

I spent my time with the family, with my children and beautiful, precious and beloved grandchildren, with time for nature, time for rest and prayer, and yes …
even time for my chickens!

And now, in this time of isolation and the necessary distancing … I read, post in various forums and blogs, cut branches and ferns and flowers, tinker and sew.

And especially
I spend time with the real me, the spiritually manifested being full of love that I know is me.

I do my best to focus on the best world I know we can have, the best people I know, the best hopes and dreams and wishes for a fulfilling and caring life for all of us.

And when I concentrate and pray and meditate for peace and love and hope and dreams, I hope that you take a moment every day and do the same.

Together we can create a new world, a new way of seeing, believing and being.

“There is a field outside of the notions of wrongdoing and law. I will meet you there. If the soul lies in this grass, the world is too full to talk about.”


With love for all of you from the heart and with my hands.

Happy day, somehow happy every day and especially

Happy All Holi days

Because that’s really the derivation, meaning and purpose of all of our (Holi … Holy … Halen … Healing)

Michèle Bilyeu

Slowing down for many good reasons. Posting on a cell phone for three years has been very, very challenging, especially given the complexity of this huge blog that I have created (and maintained) since 2006!

Family and 4 grandchildren under the age of 5. One was born in January, so over the winter another baby equipment was created to keep me extra and happy!

And of course my home, my pets, the lovely and entertaining cats and chickens.

Please keep my eldest daughter in your thoughts and prayers as you read here.

Ongoing chemotherapy since last August, surgery and radiation until May 2020.

This is a brutal form of a terrible illness. Hope and fear cannot live in the same room and we choose hope, love and the best thoughts and prayers every day.

Lots of reused posts with new photos and updates and a few family activities that are scattered here, there and everywhere for my regular readers 💜

I love you all, take care of yourself, my thoughts and my heart is with you.

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