Some of the freedoms of interplanetary existence Spirtuality

“Greater freedom is achieved from there. Interplanetary man is no longer bound to the sound of Terra or the sound of another planet. He is free to serve the entire galaxy– –even outside the galaxy. “

“Enormously He has freedom immediately. And he has one hundred million worlds in which he can serve. And he will serve in the one he can best serve. That is the great thing.

“I mean, that’s really the first real freedom. So far we have played like the tiny microscopic Earth creatures we are. Now we are beginning to realize tremendous freedom – an entire galaxy that we can penetrate. It’s breathtaking, really breathtaking.

“A great and deep appreciation and realization of the totality of the divine existence lives in such a way.”

“Well, of course, because he always has to remember whoever did it The– Seeing the giant galaxies that are spreading out in front of him – Whoever did that is so great that I can’t understand it. And yet I am connected to this divine, this one creative divine source.

“This knowledge must be before one more thing that he thinks. Must be. Must be. Even with one small A small increase in Kundalini, where you become aware of the power of the Christ Center for the first time – which is hardly worth anything mention In the face of such information, you have been given information – but even so, you can see the size of the divine source.

“It is the metaphysician who recognizes the greatness of God, not the Orthodox man. He has not even started to know what the word G-O-D means any Path. The metaphysician begins to appreciate it. The deeper he dives, the more he appreciates. It is obvious.

“He does not pay lip service to something that exists or does not exist, but begins to be a knower. begins to see the “why” of existence. “

“Some time ago Aetherius said:” If you ask how, you will know how. However, if you ask why, you know how and why. “

“The scientists ask how, the philosopher asks why.

“If you ask why, you can learn the science and why. This is the big step. Earth in the Aquarian Age will stop asking how. The how of a thing is simple. That is why it is not.

“The man from the Aquarian age will ask why and how that automatically comes to him. The why not – he has to strive for it. But eventually he’ll find it. And when he does, that is cosmic consciousness.

“It’s easy. The greatest truths are always the simplest.”

– Master of Yoga Dr. George King

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