MobileAppDaily announced Perform[cb] As one of the top app marketing agencies of 2020 : AFFILIATE MARKETING

We at Perform[cb] Enable brands to attract customers through digital channels using a pay-for-results model. Through innovation in performance marketing, it is our responsibility to offer marketing professionals exceptional growth.

So far, 2020 has been a very exciting year for us. In February we renamed Clickbooth, Adperio and Ignite OPM to Perform[cb] Creation of a one-stop shop solution for performance-based online app and desktop customer acquisition.

If the exciting news about our rebranding was not enough, we are also happy to inform you that we have been recognized as one of the the top app marketing agencies from MobileAppDaily in their exclusive annual report 2020.

Via MobileAppDaily and why[cb] Was selected as one of the top app marketing agencies

MobileAppDaily is the largest and best-known media source in the mobile app industry. It is a one-stop platform for app users and tech enthusiasts interested in the valuable insights of the application world.

With their detailed annual reports, informative app reviews, honest CEO interviews, the latest news on top apps in various categories and genres, MobileAppDaily have covered you with the latest breakthroughs in Android and iOS applications.

MobileAppDaily examines a number of factors when writing its extensively researched reports, including: company size, market base and top customers. We at Perform[cb] were able to successfully meet the expectations of MobileAppDaily in these areas.

Our team at Perform[cb] is passionate about performance marketing. We think about everything we do, from the ROI we deliver to our customers, the technology we develop, to the culture we create for our team members.

To run[cb] has been connecting marketers, publishers and partners since 2002 in order to generate large amounts of customer acquisitions across all performance marketing traffic channels. We are proud to be recognized by MobileAppDaily among other respected leaders and organizations in the performance marketing industry. Contact us today to explore the partnership with Perform[cb].

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