How BBi Financial Planning reacts to the corona virus (updated 03/23/2020) FINANCIAL PLANNING

Coronavirus update from BBi Financial Planning


If you need to call us please use 0330 133 2130 while we have limited access to the office.

The Coronovirus outbreak, which is currently affecting the UK, means that all companies must take precautions to limit the spread of the virus.

You can be sure that the BBi Group has already put together a detailed emergency plan that has been tested to ensure business continuity in exceptional times. We have successfully implemented this plan in the past few years (when a tree fell on our building) so we know that it works.

Business with BBi Financial will largely continue as usual
Planning, but with some changes we have detailed below.

Our answer

  • We limit all face-to-face meetings immediately, but our advisors are still available by phone.
  • The majority of our employees now work from home. The office is only open for essential tasks.
  • All employees can be reached by email.
  • Our office number will be very limited in the next few weeks. Please use 0330 133 2130

How it affects you

  • Sessions are conducted by phone or video call.
  • We will rely heavily on email.
  • Boarding and alighting can be severely disrupted.
  • We recommend payments or investments by bank transfer.

If you have any questions

All details are subject to change based on government recommendations

Keep up to date with the latest government advice.

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