Business is not the answer to boredom – creativity is Unschooling

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I do not get it. Of course I’m introverted. And we homeschool. But the last few days were still tough.

Our library is closed, our favorite donut shop may be closed, and Amazon orders will be significantly delayed. That and the fact that the kids in the grocery stores see empty shelves at the apocalypse level.

I don’t know when I couldn’t sit still. Maybe it’s a result of 40, but suddenly I want to fill every minute with work.

When I’m not involved in something, planning something or reacting to something else, I’m bored. No, more than bored: what I feel can only be described as existential uselessness.

In addition, homeschooling actually takes up a very small part of our day. Since we have already done this since the children were very young, our actual sitting work takes a maximum of two hours.

As a result, most of us are bored. We can only watch so much TV. There are only so many things I can get the kids and me to stay busy.

The answer has to be somewhere else.
I’m starting to think that it has to be creativity.

I mentioned that dreaming and setting up a template for your day is more important than managing every detail in micromanagement. Now I’m starting to hit some hard edges and feel the need to reassess some boundaries.

This change is good. But it will not come without serious work and thoughts.

The answer is not busy. It’s in the creativity.

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