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Drones are becoming increasingly common and are drawing new laws worldwide. In some countries, the drone law is evolving and it can be difficult to know and understand where drones are allowed and how much freedom the video maker is given. Drones are not toys, but tools that must be used carefully and whose laws (depending on the country) must be observed.

Local drone legislation is the duty of every vlogger and video maker: failure to follow them can result in a penalty. Drone video making is becoming increasingly popular and audiences seem to like it. If you’re also an aspiring drone video maker, you’re in the right place looking for instructions!

This article explains some useful tips for creating a vacation drone video. If you want to learn more about recording videos from the ground see our other post.

7 useful tips for creating a vacation drone video

Slow down

Slow shooting is based on films that give the impression of shooting from higher platforms like helicopters. This would surely increase the quality efficiency of the work. You can even slowly monitor the video you want to capture and create. Slow recordings ensure stability and you can change your production as soon as you have a stable video. Never hurry, because perfection is achieved through patience.

Flying low for cinema experiences
Low and slow mo recordings are always considered appealing and professional. Low flight and slowly increasing altitude are a great way to create your video, whether you want to display a landscape or a city skyline. Curiosity grows and the viewer wants to participate. You can also slowly increase the height and, in order not to bore your audience, you can hyperlapse it for a great effect.

Drone shot from the air

Keep a spare battery

If you’re shooting in the wild or even going to the park to get a bird’s eye view of the city, you don’t want to end your shoot because of a low battery. To avoid an unforeseen end to a great trip, consider adding an extra battery to your battery Packing list for your drone and easily walk through the landscapes!

Shoot RAW
If you want to produce high-end films, you often have to rely on aftercare to get imaginative film effects. Recorded in RAW It all starts here. No movie is made on the fly, except maybe posting Instagram videos from your phone. RAW recordings give you the opportunity to improve the accuracy of your photos / videos and to present high-quality content to your audience at first hand. Don’t think of anything else when you upload your recordings for the first time.

Get professional editing
Nobody wants a bad editor on the wheels of your great video! Make sure you edit the videos that you have created professionally, or hire a professional video editor, as poor editing can affect the time it takes to shoot. Don’t reset video editing, as post-processing of lights, shaders, textures, HDR, and many other factors are responsible for good drone video. Some people prefer to make their own Drone video editing while some like Hire a professional to make the most of your video.

Good editing can affect or affect the popularity of a finished video. So take some time to either learn more about the editing process, or look for someone to make sure your vacation drone video is as good as possible.

Air Island shot

Shaking is a turn

The constant shaking of the camera during the recording is very unattractive for the viewer. It is best to get a drone camera with stabilizers so that you do not constantly blur the footage, fly straight and do not cross windy paths in your video. The wind is sometimes inevitable, but you can track the weather before you shoot. Try to keep your drone as quiet as possible with the controls. Depending on the stability of your drone, this can be the most difficult. Also take this into account when you are just starting drone video.

While you can check the weather forecasts, the weather is very unpredictable and the wind can interfere without warning. In such cases, it is best to cut this part out of your final video, regardless of the beautiful landscape that it was shooting at that moment. The shaking can distract all attention from your video and is very unattractive for your viewers.

Add music and effects
As mentioned above, Editing is an important part of the video to make it appealing. If you took great pictures but your editing is poor, the entire video can be considered poor quality. Adding music also plays an important role in making the video more engaging.

The sound effects applied to the video often vary significantly. Changing the camera positions due to the inserted music provides an enticing environment. When introducing a trance soundtrack, make sure that every beat in the trance matches the video.

Music plays an important role in the film, some videos used soundtracks to match the heartbeat of the listener and the audience didn’t understand them, but they got curious when they saw these videos. It is known that a video with the corresponding music attracts people’s attention. Music changes the overall experience of watching the video, so it plays a big role in offering viewers something attractive or unattractive.

We hope this guide will help you in your efforts to create drone videos. As with any art form, it may take some time to master it, but if you enjoy it, it’s worth practicing. And you’ll end up with some great shots.

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