3 ways to be unforgettable for customers Financial Advisor

With so many consultants competing for clients, it is important that you stand out and develop a place in the client’s mind.

Here are three ways MDRT members suggest making themselves unforgettable:

Communicate your value

“Before each meeting ends, I ask my customers a question that gives them the opportunity to articulate the value they have gained based on my expertise and planning process. Example: “What do you think is the most important thing that we have achieved together?” After your customer has determined how valuable you are, you can expand and clarify some of the other benefits they have gained from your work. If you can create a pleasant experience with tangible, clearly formulated value, you will be unforgettable. Maybe you can even be referenced. “

– –John J. Demboski, CFP, Santa Barbara, California, 14-year-old MDRT member

The details matter

Would you like to have tea at our meeting? I remember that you are not a coffee drinker. “It is very flattering to remember certain details of a customer. It indicates that you care enough to really know them. The trick is not only to remember the details, but also to incorporate these facts into the conversation so that they know you remember. “

– – Nan M. Zimdars, CFP, CLU, Madison, Wisconsin, 34-year-old MDRT member

Offer a menu

“One of the ideas we got from an MDRT annual meeting was to create a menu that we can give our customers when they come to our office. There are lots of fun drinks to choose from and snacks. Another was creating an office theme. Our office has a Texas theme. There is a large work of art made from recycled Texan license plates in the reception area. Our conference rooms have boots, a star-shaped mirror and horseshoes on the walls. This creates an unforgettable experience when customers visit us. “

– – Ann Baker Ronn, LUTCF, Houston, Texas, 21-year-old MDRT member

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