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Valentine’s Day just flew by! Can you believe it’s time to start planning Easter baby photos?

Whether your baby is a newborn or almost a toddler, Easter baby photos are a must. As a photographer and mother, I find it increasingly important to document my child’s life. Time flies so fast. A look back at the years of the photos brings such beautiful memories and deepens our love for our little ones. Who would have thought that such love could deepen year after year?

Here’s a tip first. Let’s avoid these photos this year:

Bad Easter baby photos

Instead, hire a local photographer at a reasonable price. The investment is definitely worth it! Plan this as soon as Easter approaches and the calendars are quickly booked up. Make sure you explain your hopes for this session and that it is Easter themed. Ask them what kind of props they offer and if they have ideas for what to buy in advance to be ready for the best Easter baby photos ever.

Here are some ideas for you!

1. The baby bunny

This costume can get a little warm. So put it on just before you take it and pull it off right after.

Adorbale Easter baby rabbits photos

2. Naked baby with rabbit ears

Cute doesn’t even begin to describe this picture! You don’t need a full body shot to get the “money shot”.

(Soft pastel colors are perfect for Easter!)

naked baby with rabbit ears Easter picture ideas

3. Toddler with a real rabbit

As long as your child is not afraid, let a real rabbit jump into the picture … in the truest sense of the word!

Toddler with a real easter bummy picture ideas

4. Baby in a matching knit outfit with carrot

Sweet and simple, we love this idea because it shouldn’t upset your baby.

Baby w / rabbit ears holding a carrot Easter picture ideas

5. Toddler / baby session outside with eggs, basket, Easter outfit

If the weather permits, take the photo shoot outside and get lots of Easter props.

Baby boy eating easter egg picture ideas

6th Sunday best

Disguised babies are the best because they look like little adults, but much cuter!

Baby carries Sunday best Easter picture ideas

7. “My 1st Easter”

If you think your baby will sit still for this photo, this is a great idea for these Easter photos!

Baby in an Easter basket picture ideas
Source: Plum Pretty Photography

8. Baby in a basket of eggs

This is the sweetest basket of eggs we have ever seen. It’s a simple idea with a lot of cuteness!

Baby in Easter basket with Easter eggs picture ideas

9. Naked baby with ears and eggs

Although your baby will probably hate this picture as he grows older, you can love it now!

(The naked baby photos never get old!)

naked baby with easter bunny ears picture ideas

10. Baby in a giant, half-cracked egg

Look at what has just hatched! Your baby will probably think this is a game and will all smile for your pictures.

(Baby is sure to have a great time!)

Baby in a half broken Easter egg picture idea

Whatever you do, don’t skip or save on the Easter photos! Above all, have fun! Remember, time flies so quickly.

Happy Easter!

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