What are you reading? Fiction? Non-fiction? Both? Spirtuality

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What are you reading?

I’m usually a non-fiction reader, so this will surprise those of you who know me – I actually read and finished a fiction book last week. I also enjoy some nonfiction in my improved practice to gain time for self-care while reading. This was one of my goals for 2020.

The spiritual practice of reading nourishes the mind and heart.
New ideas expand our imagination and shape our beliefs. I love to open my eyes
see the world in a new way, in God’s way.

What am i reading

The Troublesome Creek Bookwife by Kim Michelle Richardson.

This is the fiction book I mentioned above. I enjoyed the story and couldn’t write it down once I started. Based on historical facts from the 1930s in Kentucky, when women rode mules or horses to bring books and reading material up into the Appalachia hills – of course, everything related to books appealed to me. The main character is a traveling librarian, part of Roosevelt’s Kentucky Pack Horse Library project.

Another interesting historical fact in this book is the history of the blue-skinned people in Kentucky, a large family whose skin tone was blue and is due to a recessive genetic disorder.

I like books with a strong female character that shows courage and strength. What I don’t like is a book that is predictable about the resolution of the story. Unfortunately, this book is one that I could have predicted how everything would end in the end.

God’s best during your worst by Robin Luftig

I know the author and knew that she had a brain tumor. This
is her story and how her faith and family gave her strength during such a time
difficult, uncertain time. What a witness.

This book also provides resources and Bible lessons for anyone facing a challenge that threatens the lives of their loved ones. Robin offers a workbook style with questions and space to write to plan your own trip. I felt like Robin was only talking to me as she shared her story full of real life questions and fears with wisdom and faith. This book of encouragement leads the reader from panic to peace and the presence of God.

We’re going to celebrate – Rethinking Dinner, Worship and God’s Community by Kendall Vanderslice

This challenging book focuses on the value of interactions
with faith at dinner and how the table becomes a place of worship. Hospitality is not one of my gifts and reading
This book encouraged me to open my doors more often and improve every opportunity
for a meal.

The evening church movement is growing and this book gives many examples. I know that after reading this book, some locals are so excited that they have already planned for the author to come here later in the year. Yes, I will take part!

This book will nurture and motivate your faith in many ways
They practice fellowship at the table.

What are you reading?

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